Claire Danes At The 2010 Emmy Awards

Claire Danes and the secret to her red carpet glowing skin: Talking Makeup and Marta Walsh has just found out that celebrity makeup artist Matin prepped Emmy-award winner Claire Danes with Orlane’s Refining Arm Cream and Active Hydration Body Care for the 2010 Emmys.

Refining Arm Cream ($85.00) contains natural targeted ingredients selected to effectively fight against sagging skin so arms regain a toned, defined, and firm appearance.

Active Hydration Body Care ($100.00) includes extracts of water plants (bamboo, lotus and water lily) to retain moisture for long-lasting hydration.

All products can be found at

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  1. Claire Danes TRULY deserved that award! I saw the film a coulpe of nights ago, and she was PHENOMENAL! I had no idea WHO she was, or how old or young she was! When I saw her OUT of character, I was even more impressed. Well done. And kudos to Temple Grandin herself.

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