Clairol Professional Beautiful Collection

Clairol Professional Beautiful Collection: The unique shape of the African-American hair shaft, partnered with weakened strands from chemical damage, makes hair more susceptible to breakage. This leaves many women feeling as though they’re faced with a trade off – they can have either relaxed or colored hair, but not both. However, Beautiful Collection goes to the root of the problem and delivers a semi-permanent, no-ammonia hair color product that allows you to relax and color on the very same day.

Beautiful Collection Advanced Gray Solution is the brand’s first-ever gray coverage product that deposits rich, vibrant color to cover gray more gently and more effectively. How does it work? Advanced Gray Solution’s formula contains the breakthrough SynAIRgy technology from Clairol, which combines the benefits of both semi- and demi-permanent color to create a whole new kind of dye system. Thanks to the direct-acting and oxidative dyes that react with oxygen from the AIR, the dye directly penetrates the hair shaft. The result? SynAIRgy deposits rich, vibrant color that gently covers grays and lasts up to 10-12 shampoos.

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