ColorProof Professional Luxury Hair Products

If your hair is color treated bleached blonde (like mine) then you might want to check out the ColorProof Professional SignatureBlonde Restorative Filler. This product is amazing if you also struggle with frizzy hair and looking for a nice prep for blow dry products. The SignatureBlonde Restorative Filler smells amazing, not oily, it’s light, won’t overweight your hair, and it feels like it actually penetrating the hair as oppose to just coating it. It’s amazing!

ColorProof Professional SignatureBlonde Restorative Filler

More about ColorProof Professional Luxury Hair Products…

ColorProof, a complete line of professional luxury products designed exclusively for color-treated hair that uses the finest ingredients to deliver superior product performance that dramatically improves hair condition while maximizing color retention.

Just wanted to pass along some information on the brand as your site is such a resource for individuals who love all things beauty related.

All color fades with time due to shampooing with harsh surfactants, heat styling and environmental factors such as exposure to UVA/UVB rays, which lessens the pigments deposited in hair causing fadeage and damage. ColorProof formulas resist fadeage and reverse damage by utilizing combination of elements for unsurpassed performance . Below, I’ve outlined details on some of ColorProofs unique ingredients and technology for your reference. With 9 unique collections ranging from SuperRich for ultra nourshing and moisturizing products, to the SuperPlump Collection, a range of products to create volume and body, to the CrazySmooth collection to create clean lines and radiantly smooth texture, ColorProof aims to provide the best in haircare for any hair type.

Additionally, the brand also has a collection specifically designed for blondes, curly hair, and a Heel and Repair collection, the perfect treatment for damaged colored hair. I’ve attached some information on the brand and you can access their full offering at I’d love the opportunity to send you some products for you to experience the brand, as a stylist I’d love to hear your feedback on the products. Let me know your thoughts, I look forward to working with you.


Breakthrough ingredients that together provide powerful full spectrum UVA/UVB color protection.


Not all sulfate-free shampoos are created equal. ColorProof shampoos rise above utilizing an exclusive blend of the newest, super premium surfactants to deliver the most gentle cleansing possible with an explosively billowy lather that rinses clean and provides 96% color retention.* The result is clean, healthy hair with exceptional color vibrancy.


Nano-sized particles (1/50,000 the size of a human hair) allow active ingredients to safely penetrate deeper into the hair shaft to strengthen, repair, add shine, increase color vibrancy and deliver maximum color and heat protection while dramatically improving hair condition like never before possible.


A powerful blend of ingredients restore elasticity and tensile strength while adding exquisite shine, returning hair to its most youthful condition possible.


Revolutionary polymers shrink wrap hair for unsurpassed heat and color protection up to 450°.


Superior blend of proteins derived from potatoes and soybeans increase elasticity and tensile strength while repairing and restoring hair.


Provide natural conditioning to balance, nourish, and protect.

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