Darphin Color Now Available Online!

Tired of frantically searching for the nearly impossible to find Darphin cult favorite make-up collection? Available at Darphin.com for the first time, the Darphin Color Collection can be delivered to your doorstep at the click of a button. Here are few items:

Blush Sensation: This velvety-smooth textured blush delivers a tender bloom of naturally youthful color, $40.

Lip Balm: A comforting Darphin lip balm that enhances and nourishes the lips, $22.

Lip Gloss: A lip gloss that softly enhances your lips’ natural colour and replenishes them, $22.

And the highly coveted Mascara: This Darphin Mascara instantly changes your eyes; its creamy protective and nourishing texture lengthens and fortifies your eye lashes for an intensive, natural make-up effect, $22.

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