Deborah Lippmann Nails Spring Summer 2011

Summer Nails. Add a pop of colors to your nails this spring and summer with the hottest most fashionable shades from Deborah Lippmann!

From Left to right: Girls Just Want To Have Fun, I Know What Boys Like, Yellow Brick Road, Lara’s Theme

Girls Just Want To Have Fun – A smooth, vintage coral that everyone can wear because it’s bold yet velvety – a sort of carefree, creamy coral.

I Know What Boys Like – A creamy periwinkle that credits to both the 80’s and my clients. Several of my clients have asked for interesting blues. This one is a blend of blue and purple with a creamy finish, which gives it a slightly retro look that is so playful and hip.

Yellow Brick Road, a sheer mellow yellow with a jelly finish. The proof that it wears beautifully on all skin tones: it complements Lady GaGa, who wore it first for her “Born This Way” performance at the 2011 Grammy Awards .

Lara’s Theme was created with supermodel Lara Stone is Deborah Lippmann’s newest celebrity collaboration. It’s a dare to wear shade of hot-hot orange. Price: $16.

Where to find: Barneys New York, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, and online at

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  1. Great List! I rellay rellay want to try some of those philosophy face washes and get a new liquid liner this Fall. So looking forward to shopping!xo – Akilah

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