Falling in Love with FHI Heat Tools

There are some great new products from FHI Heat tools this season, and if you are serious about getting your hair sleek, straight and beautiful you might want to take a note.

Talking Makeup is particularly in love with the new FHI Heat Platform SE Styling Iron, it is fantastic. I am quite of a straight hair junkie, and FHI Heat Platform SE completely revolutionized my heat styling tools and gave me an ‘after salon’ look at home. My hair is so much softer and sleeker than before, and I’m in love!

FHI Heat Hot Sauce
FHI Heat Hot Sauce. 

I used FHI Heat styling iron together with FHI Heat Hot Sauce which is a moisture-based, heat activated daily conditioner. FHI Heat Hot Sauce can be also applied prior to exposure to the elements such as sun, salt, chlorine, wind, heat and dry hair. Made of jojoba crystals suspended in a cream base which dissolve into hair when heat is applied. While most finishing products are silicone-based and only coat the hair on the outside, this conditioner penetrates into hair to make it so much smoother. ($16 for 2 oz, $28 for 5 oz, $4 for a 10 ml packet).

And to section my hair I used FHI Heat new T-Rex clips which feature a patented spring design that securely holds any amount of hair and also releases hair easily and quickly. So you can say “goodbye to slip n’ slide” hair clips.

FHI Heat T-Rex clips in pink
FHI Heat T-Rex clips in pink.

“These intelligently-designed, versatile clips are amazing because stylists can work with greater precision and speed, and obtain more accurate results, ” explains Les Haverty, Artistic Director for FHI Heat professional styling tools. “After sectioning hair, you can hold it in place securely without having hair slide away or slip out. These smooth, not snag clips have the capacity to hold the same amount of hair as a common jaw clip with the precision of a slim bill clip!”  

FHI Heat T-Rex clips are suitable for all hair types and are ideal for coloring, shaping, and heat styling as they do not melt when heat is applied. Only one clip is necessary to hold even the thickest and coarsest of hair types. ($7.50 per pack with 2 clips).

FHI Heat T-Rex clips in black.
FHI Heat T-Rex clips in black.

Here are some more facts about the new limited edition FHI Heat Platform SE Styling Iron: Offers snag proof styling for the smoothest glide ever. Easy-glide plates allow for greater durability, scratch resistance, and increase smoothness.

FHI Heat Platform SE Styling Iron
FHI Heat Platform SE Special Edition Styling Iron.

The new FHI Heat Platform SE provides the same high-heat and performance as the regular Platform series irons, however, it’s 6% lighter in weight due to advances in thermal plastic design allow for strength while withstanding high temperature. The iron’s design is also narrower, making the iron appear less bulky. The iron is also less damaging to the hair due to the special ceramic composite used to coat the plates.

“People will love the snag-proof corners that prevent hair from getting caught in the plates,” states Les Haverty, Artistic Director of FHI Heat. “And, when combined with the lack of friction when gliding over the hair, the irons achieves faster and more convenient performance.”

Here are some additional great features of the FHI Platform SE Special Edition Styling Iron: 3 layers of ceramic coatings, A PTFC heater larger than any other on the market, 450 degrees of far-infrared heat, the largest quantity of crushed tourmaline crystals which results in the highest negative iron count, triple function of the Nano-Fuzeion technology which removes bacteria, toxins and static, producing superior conditioning and shine, ultra rapid heat, curling hair, protecting color fading, sealing cuticle to lock in moisture and repel humidity which helps eliminating frizz. Wow we’re sold!

Available in 1 inch size. Price: $195.

Where to buy: Fine hair salons and beauty retailers nationwide, including ULTA, Pure Beauty and Beauty First, and also via toll-free number at 877-FHI-HEAT (877-344-4328) and at www.FHIheat.com.

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