Didiayer Snyder Interviews With Marta Walsh

I’m excited to share with you my interview with Didiayer Snyder an Australian model and an American television personality known for her roles on the ABC Network program Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and Amazing Vacation Homes on the Travel Channel.

In this interview Didiayer Snyder talks to Marta Walsh about her first breaks as a model and TV personality. Her collaboration with Botox Cosmetic. The best part about her roles on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and Amazing Vacation Homes. Personal style, beauty philosophy, what’s in her makeup bag, and future plans.

Marta Walsh: Where do you call home?
Didiayer Snyder: California is home. My husband and I just moved to a cute place at the beach.

MW: What were some of your first breaks as a model and TV personality?
DS: My very first job was a TV commercial in Australia for a clothing company, and it wasn’t long after that when I hit the runways.

MW: What do you enjoy most about your roles on ABC Network’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and Amazing Vacation Homes on the Travel Channel?
DS: When I worked for Amazing Vacation Homes on the Travel Channel, I really enjoyed meeting the architects. I really love architecture so getting inside their minds was fascinating. On ABC Network’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, it’s definitely the communities that make my week!

MW: How did your collaboration with Botox Cosmetic come about?
DS: As a television personality, motivational speaker, wife, daughter and friend, being my best self is as much about giving back to others as it is about taking care of myself. But a few years ago I noticed that the two lines between my brows – the ones that form an “11” – had deepened and my facial expression didn’t reflect the “me” I felt inside. I did some research and spoke with my doctor, who recommended treatment with BOTOX Cosmetic. I’ve not only been able to lose my “11,” but I’ve regained the confidence that my face expresses how I truly feel inside.

This commitment to being my best self through helping others is what drew me to the BOTOX Cosmetic My Expressions of Kindness charitable campaign, launched by Allergan, Inc., the maker of BOTOX Cosmetic. The campaign celebrates acts of kindness around the country by inviting women and men who are treated with BOTOX Cosmetic, or are considering speaking with their physician about treatment, to fill out a simple My Expressions of Kindness profile on Express KindnessCampaign.com to help raise a quarter of a million dollars for three deserving charities.

MW: What advice can you give anyone considering Botox Cosmetic for the first time?
DS: My advice is to speak with his or her physician first. As with any medical procedure, side effects can occur, so speak with your physician about the risks and benefits of BOTOX Cosmetic, as I did. For more information, please see BOTOX Cosmetic full Product Information, including Medication Guide.

For me, it’s been wonderful to join the ranks of men and women around the country who value BOTOX Cosmetic – not only for the aesthetic results, but also as part of the My Expressions of Kindness charitable campaign. Whether you have experience with the product or have been talking with your physician about treatment, you too can join us in encouraging expressions of kindness!

MW: How would you describe your personal style and what beauty means to you?
DS: My personal style would be comfort, comfort, comfort. Inner beauty is the most important beauty we can have. Kindness looks better on everyone than any designer dress.

MW: What’s in your makeup bag?
DS: Mascara, lip gloss and an eyebrow pencil—three things I can’t leave home without.

MW: What was the first film you’ve ever watched on a date?
DS: I didn’t date much when I was younger, but one of my best movie memories was watching Bridges of Madison County with my husband when we first dated.

MW: What one or two things some people may not know about Didiayer Snyder?
DS: I do free online mentoring for teens that are looking to pursue television careers.

MW: What’s next for Didiayer Snyder?
DS: I started a non-profit and I am heading to Haiti to build 50 homes for Earthquake victims.

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I would like to thank Didiayer Snyder for a brilliant interview! xo Marta Walsh

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