Top 10 Celebrity Beauty Secrets

This is Talking Makeup’s top 10 celebrity beauty secrets.

1. “Skincare, skincare, and skincare”-IMAN.

2. “I try to live a healthy balanced life always, so I don’t do anything different before the big day (red carpet). I think you get into trouble if you’re experimenting with crazy or drastic beauty treatments the day before!”-Heidi Klum.

3. “Monthly deep facials by Gina Jensen at Dangene McKay Bailey in Los Angeles”-Giuliana Depandi Rancic.

4. “Plenty of sleep!”-Melania Trump.

5. “Wash your face every night, and moisturize your entire body!”-Audrina Patridge.

6. “Mints for fresh breath and lip gloss and moisturizer for the body..To me, I feel looking natural and healthy is the best way to look”-Carrie Ann Inaba.

7. “Duh, Lots of sleep. Also no salty foods the night before big events, it makes your face look puffy”-Danneel Harris.

8. “Sleep. Eight hours of sleep every night no doubt and my second one is water”-Sally Pressman.

9.” Vaseline. I use a little under my eyes and on my hands at night. It keeps the skin moisturized”-Bridget Marquardt.

10. “As corny as it sounds, is to face life and others with a smile- there is nothing more beautiful than genuine and open smile. And drink LOTS of water”-Maite Schwartz.

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