Fifi Awards: Laura Slatkin wins over husband Harry!

At Wednesday’s (5/27) star studded Fifi Awards at Manhattan’s Downtown Armory attended by Paris Hilton, P. Diddy, Marc Jacobs and Mary J. Blige, the royal couple of home fragrance, Harry and Laura Slatkin competed against each other for the first time in the Interior Scent Collection Category – he for Slatkin & Co./Limited brands, she for Candela Group.

Harry and Laura Slatkin
Photo by Steve Eichner via

Laura’s new line Nest brought home the award making the couple the first in Fifi history to both win an award in the same category for different collections. She will proudly place it on the mantle next to Harry’s 2003 Fifi for Elton John’s Potpourri Rocks.

About Harry and Laura Slatkin: Harry and Laura left the finance world to begin careers in fragrance. Harry began Slatkin & Co. nearly 17 years ago which grew into a success and was sold to Limited Brands in 2005, he now oversees product for Bath & Body Works’ 1650 stores. Laura is the founder of Candela Group, a candle licensing company and launched a luxury candle collection called “Nest” last year.

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