Gillette Venus ProSkin

I’m very loyal to the Gillette brand. In fact when I took my Business Management class as a Business student in NYU STERN School of Business years ago I was fascinated with the Gillette story. Secretly, I wish I could invented anything as brilliant as a simple shaving razor (for real, wish I was Gillette). I’ve been giving the Gillette Venus ProSkin a go on and off for some quite some time now. I try it, I switch to others brands (and I’m not naming any names), then comeback, then switch again. Here’s some focus group material my dear Gillette. This is what’s going on…

Gillette Venus ProSkin

The Gillette Venus ProSkin starts off great. The extra moisturizing cushions do moist while you shave without adding a shaving cream. It doesn’t, however, last long and that’s one of the issues I have. It’s works well say tops 1 week then the cushions wear off and it begins to scratch and irritate my skin. So I always compelled to throw it away and open a new one. Well, for around $15/$16 for just 4 blades now this is a costly and not so economic project. You know, it always too good to be true when it’s “All-In-One” product, I’m always suspicious. I still love you Gillette and am a huge fan, but please hear me out and maybe make some improvements. Thank you so very much, Marta Walsh:)

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