Halloween Makeup Tips: Shu Uemura Tokyo Lash Bar

I love Halloween because I can get out all my crazy, funky, and over the top makeup and wear it without thinking twice! My favorite way to dress up for Halloween is make my lashes very long and theatrical with beautiful false lashes by shu uemura the Tokyo Lash Bar Collection.

Marta’s loves: Fleur-Ever (premium edition) by Gina Brooke, artistic director for shu uemura. $79 (Image above. Bit pricey, but hey it’s Halloween and we live once!) Inspired by a flower’s ability to lift spirits and engender energy. This lash’s design emulates the tail of a bird whose exotic purple plumage is accented with white flecking. Petal-like forms hide inside the lashes, bringing to mind a bouquet of sweet peonies.

Marine Tide
(Premium Edition) by Yuji Asano, International Chief Make-Up Artist for shu uemura, $79 (image above). Spending much of his time at the beach, Yuji Asano looked to the sea for inspiration when creating his lashes. One of nature’s most profound marvels, the ocean with its vastness and crashing waves can calm and rejuvenate the spirit. The unique curl design of this lash echoes the undulating roll of the ocean’s tidal cycle. This striking lash also references Mr. Uemura’s iconic “umbrella” eyelash. It is weaved with multiple shades of blue, from sea and sky blue to deep turquoise, accented with a sprinkling of white foam.

Availabe at www.shuuemura-usa.com

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