Harajuku Lovers Snow Bunnies Perfume Gift Set GIVEAWAY

Watch Marta’s Vlog and enter to WIN Talking Makeup’s Harajuku Lovers Snow Bunnies Perfume Gift Set GIVEAWAY!!

The Harajuku Lovers perfumes are inspired by the electric street scene of the Harajuku shopping district in Tokyo, the Harajuku Lovers fragrance collection captures the lyrics and iconography from Gwen Stefani’s albums.

*Products in above vlog were provided by Harajuku Lovers

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  1. I can not convey enough how much I want to win these Harajuku perfumes. I was first turned on to the Harajuku girl’s through Gwen Stafani’s music. I just love everything about it. I especially love the way word Harajuku just rolls off the tongue. You did an awesome job of vlogging the product. I even learned something because I didn’t know the word Harajuku originated from a famous shopping district in Japan. When I saw these perfume come out on the market, I wanted them so badly. My teenage daughter and I are complete perfume junkies. Oh and even the boxes are 2die4. Thanks for the chance to enter my name.

  2. I have been wanting to try this perfume-such cute packaging!

  3. I love Gwen Stefani and her perfumes! I have the fragrance Music so far and adore it! I would love to win the Snow Bunnie collection for my 12 year old daughter and me for Christmas. She is a huge fan of Gwen’s, because I have been playing and dancing to her music since she was born and she thinks the bottles are the cutest ever. Please pick us for Harajuku set! Thank you so much!

  4. What beautiful, unique, and fun packaging. If the frangance is half as fanciful I will be estatic! It is not often that you find packaging with such a broad appeal. I love it and my Granddaughter does too.

  5. I am a subscriber. I’d love to win these for my daughter. she has been wanting them. Thanks for the chance!!
    zachsgran1 at yahoo dot com

  6. Thanks so much for the giveaway and the chance to win. I’d love to win this!!
    tmc480 at yahoo dot com

  7. I’ve never seen these before, but it’s a generous giveaway to give away the whole set!
    rjs682 at yahoo dot com

  8. My daughter is in love these perfumes! She has some on her Christmas list. We smelled them at the store and they are wonderful. I think the bottles are so cute. Thanks so much for the giveaway. I would be thrilled if I won!

  9. I would so love to receive these! The Harajuku line smells incredible, especially Baby, my favorite. I welcome the chance to add them all to my collection!

  10. I just love everything Harajuku- Angel is my favorite- My two sisters and I would just die if we won this!- The little bottles are soooo cute!

  11. Wow I would love to win this!- Gwen Stefani rocks! It’s on my X-mas list but no one will get me anything this expensive… or anything I want this badly. I hope I win 🙂

  12. Wow- I am a HUGE fan of this line. Last year, my nieces and nephew gave me the original Harajuku Angel from this line (I think that they chose it because it has an “A” on the packaging, like the first letter of my name). It’s actually a fantastic fragrance. It’s a fruity floral with top notes of blackberry, middle notes of jasmine and rose, on a base of musk and sweet woods. I’d love to win the set. (I am a subscriber)



  14. I love harajuku lovers and everything about them, its a spunky, new fresh, good smelling perfume that melts my heart! They have such a lite pretty smell, and they all smell different in a very “Yummy” way:)I want them so badly but they are way too expensive ive tried amazon and ebay but still too expensive! lol i hope of getting G, Music, Love, Lil angel and baby and will be waiting!
    thank you soo much!

  15. Hello, i would love the harajuku lovers perfume because my sixteen year old cusion is obsessed with tokyo and Gwen S. (weird and a big couincedence) her birthday is in 1 month and i have absoulutly nothing to give her! Shes never heard of these perfumes but i have and may i say they do smell amazing!!!!! So this would be a perfect gift for her i just know it:)so ive tried to get them at stores and on sephora but way too expensive my budget doesn’t even cover 1 bottle (Im a cheap person heehee) i hope im not too late to win and i will be eagerly awaiting an email and checking ur blog daily to see if i win:) thanks so much bye!

  16. i would love to win dis bcos i love harajuku girls. everything harajuku, i am in love with. i also love the harajuku street style and i’m obssesed with harajuku. i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee gwen stephanie. se is sooooooooooooooooo cool. i really really really would love to win dis. thank you. kawaii! 🙂

  17. Hi my name is Markia Robinson and I absolutely love the Harajuku lovers perfume.Ever since i first seen the perfume it caught my eye and when i smelled i fell in love with but unfortunately my familys on a hug budget which is why Im saving up for it I mean this fragrance is worth the money but since i heard about this mabe i have a shot.Another thing about this fragrance is thAT it has many other fragrances you can choose from if you get tire of one you can get the other, and how can you resist those cute little harajuku barbies on top in there cute little outfita and hot bathing suits. If you smell this fragrance you will o insane. I mean its different it doesnt smell like any other fragrance becaus some time every fragrance smells the same it would be nice for once to not go in magazines and spray samples and use it til i go back and spary another sample hoping it will last the whole day. So some on Harajuku Lovers they’re the best!

  18. I have always been a huge fan of gwen and her work. I first learned of the fragrances when a friend, for christmas, bout me the solid perfume gift set. Ever since I have been in love with all the sents. Unfortunatly for me the solids are still the only ones I have. Just hard to afford nice perfume at this point in my life.

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