Inside CHANEL Chapter 18 Gabrielle, a Rebel at Heart

In 2017, CHANEL celebrates Gabrielle, the first name of its founder, better known as Coco Chanel. Known for breaking the rules of her time, Gabrielle Chanel transformed her rebellion into an art. This moment of celebration was initiated by Karl Lagerfeld who dedicated a bag to the House’s founder, CHANEL’s GABRIELLE, which he created for the Spring / Summer 2017 collection.

Inside CHANEL - Chapter 18 - Gabrielle, a Rebel at Heart

Inside CHANEL – Chapter 18 – Gabrielle, a Rebel at Heart

Throughout 2017, Gabrielle Chanel will provide inspiration for four films to be discovered and watched on the Inside CHANEL website, around the themes of rebellion, freedom, passion and allure, values that governed the life of Gabrielle Chanel, and that remain today an inspiration for all women.

We are pleased to share with you the first film in this mini series – Gabrielle, a Rebel at Heart. This film, the 18th installment of Inside CHANEL, offers new insights into Gabrielle Chanel and the rebellious and indomitable spirit that fueled her creativity and made her legendary.

To choose, to desire, to be. These three verbs characterized Gabrielle, a rebel at heart who set her course for a destiny she instinctively knew was hers. Gabrielle made her audacity, her thirst for freedom, and her irreverence the source of her inspiration and the birthplace of her creativity.

To choose audacity, to desire beauty and to be one’s self; more than ever Gabrielle is not just a simple name: it’s an invitation to all women to fulfill themselves, to have faith in who they are and to listen to their own voice.


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