Interview with Adam Gerstein

If you didn’t already know, Adam Gerstein is the founder and the CEO of beautyAddicts.  beautyAddicts was born in 2004 with a main philosophy of beauty made simple and high standard products.  Adam Gerstein’s interview was published by Beauty Interviews July edition.  Also, check out Beauty Interviews most recent September edition featuring interviews with Lyn Harris of Miller Harris perfumes, Shalini Vadhera of Global Goddess, and celebrity makeup artist Joanna Schlip.

Beauty Interviews September Edition 

Here are some highlights from beautyAddicts Adam Gerstein’s interview:

What inspired you to start beautyAddicts?
I’ve always been driven by two core passions – bringing ideas to life, and making the complex simple. After working abroad for several years, I was ready to return to New York, and when I saw the complexities and gaps in the cosmetics market, it seemed like the perfect challenge. I was fortunate to meet some great people to help me solve the cosmetics challenge…and beautyADDICTS was born.

What is beautyAddicts philosophy?
beautyADDICTS is beauty made simple. We feel that women shouldn’t have to struggle to find the right colors for the right time, and want to empower them to feel confident, secure, and sexy.

What ingredients we will find in your cosmetics?
We took the best of science and nature to make the most luxurious and wearable cosmetics we could. Then we added in nurturing ingredients like Vitamin B, Green Tea, and other anti-oxidants. And then we added in some unique elements, like the crushed freshwater pearls in our Hydra SUNRays, which help boost the efficacy of all the other ingredients.


Can you tell us about BeautyADDICTS color families?
We wanted to create a line that was intuitive, and relevant to today’s woman. So we created a system of colors based on looks, rather than ever changing seasonal collections. Each color family represents a different look for a given occasion – Glow (playful/flirty), Express (natural/casual), Motivate (corporate/professional) or Seduce (sexy/glamorous). No woman is any one particular family – but rather all of the families, depending on the occasion.

What’s new this year at beautyAddicts?
In June we’re expanding the line into the Face category, with the launch of our dual pan Concealer, and new gel-to-powder Foundation. We’re also introducing a fabulous Mascara, which our customer base has been asking for, as well as Eye Pencils and Lip Liners. It should be a busy summer…

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