Interview with Celebrity Pedicurist Carla Kay

Carla Kay is one of Hollywood’s hottest pedicurists with clients including Ashlee Simpson and Gwen Stefani.  Carla was also manicurist for Jennifer Lopez’s “Play” music video.  Here is an exclusive interview with Carla Kay made possible by  where she talks about her experience as a celebrity pedicurist and shares great tips for getting the ultimate pedicure at home. 

Celebrity Pedicurist Carla Kay

How did you end up being one of LA’s most sought after pedicurist?
I feel like I’m the most sought after because my pedicures last up to 6 weeks without the polish chipping, a pedicure should be painless and my clients are always saying how gentle I am.

You also work at The Bungalow in Melrose Place, LA. What is the most requested service at this salon?
The most requested service at the Bungalow Salon where I work is pedicures and Pink and White Acrylic Nails, I use the most natural looking Acrylic by Tammy Taylor and clients can go 3 to 4 weeks before they have to see me again.

You have worked with many celebrities such as Ashlee Simpson and Gwen Stefani, what’s involved in a full service celebrity pedicure?
When I am with a celebrity like Gwen or Ashlee, they like to get manicures which involve pushing cuticles back cleaning the nails and massage and of course a great color to finish off with. Their pedicures are normally the best part because they can sit back and not think of anything but feeling good while I’m giving them a pedicure, they especially enjoy the massage the most.

Carla Kay was manicurist to JLO's Play music video

What tips can you give us for the perfect at-home-pedicure?
For the perfect at home pedicure, I like to keep my implements in my bathroom, I first remove old polish and jump into the tub after soaking for awhile I push back the cuticles with an orange wood stick, it’s easier to push them because you’ve been soaking them for awhile, then I take my foot file and gently file off the calluse make sure you do not take off too much we need some of them to protect our feet if you take off to much this is going to be very painful after, I dry off and file my nails straight across rounding the edges just a bit. Apply a base coat wait a minute then apply color finishing with a top coat but also allow a few minutes in between coats. Or if you just had a pedicure done at a salon after a week you could apply a top coat to bring back the shine and apply cuticle oil or olive oil so your cuticles look fresh, you could also maintain your calluses by filing them once a week especially the heel area so there not cracking and always apply cream to them.

Truth or myth, you must shake a nail polish bottle before applying?
You should shake your bottle of polish because it will mix up the color sometimes you will see a bottle that has sat for awhile and the top part is clear and the color will separate. To read Carla Kay’s full interview click this link:  

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