Jane Krakowski At The Emmy Awards 2010

Jane Krakowski’s Hairstyle. At the Emmy Awards 2010, all eyes were on Jane Krakowski, star of NBC’s 30 Rock, as she evoked ‘50s Hollywood glamour with a modern twist, showing off a chic textured chignon, created by celebrity stylist Creighton Bowman of Exclusive Artists Management.

Creighton heightened the allure of a classic style with modern texture for Jane Krakowski

“My inspiration for Jane’s red carpet look was all about her dress (ESCADA)—Jane likes to pay homage to Hollywood’s golden era,” says Creighton. “The sophisticated, one-shouldered dress called for a look with Grace Kelly’s cool elegance. Adding a textured, beachy finish to Jane’s hair gave a simple chignon a sexy, up-to-the-minute edge.”

Here’s how to get Jane Krakowski’s hairdo by Creighton:

For all-over softness and luminous shine, I started by spraying hair with René Furterer Okara 2 phase leave-in protective conditioner. The anti-fading formula helped to protect Jane’s beautiful blonde hair color, and kept it looking vibrant.

For adding more lift and “a day at the beach” texture, I sprayed hair with Sachajuan Ocean Mist at the roots. Then I applied René Furterer new Vegetal mousse on the ends and at the hairline.

Using a medium round brush, I gave Jane’s hair a basic round brush blow-out. Then I sprayed hair with René Furterer Naturia dry shampoo to enhance the natural texture.

Next, I pulled Jane’s hair into a ponytail, positioning it on the middle of the back of her head, and secured it with an elastic band. The ponytail was wrapped into a chignon and pinned into place.

I finished with an all-over misting of L’Oréal Elnett Satin Hairspray. The soft texture kept the chignon from looking too sleek—in all, an effortless, loosened-up, star-worthy look for the 2010 Emmys!

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