John Legend at the AVEENO Suite Sundance 2010

Yesterday at the AVEENO NOURISH+ ‘Style & Shine’ Pop-Up Salon and POSITIVELY NOURISHING ‘Reshape Your Escape Oxygen Bar’. Who would have guessed it? John Legend was whisked into the AVEENO Suite for an interview on the inside scoop from Sundance. Believe it or not this piano man has never actually seen a film during his many trips to the festival. I guess he’s too busy getting ready for his next performance – which just so happens to be with The Roots!

Socialites at Sundance – bringing New York City style to the slopes: Actors, Actresses, Directors and Producers are swarming Park City this week but two young ladies caught our eye – Tinsley Mortimer and Dabney Mercer. Looking cozy and warm in their matching Marc Jacobs Moon Boots, the sisters strutted their stuff thru the AVEENO Suite and straight to the Oxygen Bar. Tinsley couldn’t get enough of the energizing scent of Lemongrass – which just so happens to be a new scent in the AVEENO Positively Nourishing Body Collection.

Patrick Melville’s Hairstyling Tip of The Day: Day or night, celebrities all want full, voluminous hair that looks natural and healthy. To help celebrities achieve this look, I use AVEENO NOURISH+ STYLE Volumizing Foam, which leaves hair feeling conditioned while locking in a volumizing hold.

Saved the Day – at least for one RPR Staffer: Aveeno’s very own Cliff Carson met his hero at the AVEENO Suite, star of Heroes James Kyson Lee (or as Cliff called him – Ando, his on-screen name), posed for a pic with Cliff and took some time to chat about the Reshape Your Escape Oxygen Bar.

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