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I just discovered Jouer Cosmetics and I’m very impresses with the packaging and formulas. I especially like their face products for getting that flawless skin, they are oil free, fragrance free and paraben free which is a major thing for me. I like beauty brands that make an effort to make their products using ‘good for you’ ingredients  as oppose to loading them with chemicals, oils, and lanolin (which is BTW the sebum coming from sheeps an animal by product which I like to refer to as ‘sheep juice’ ha!) Here’s my week with Jour cosmetics product rundown:

Jouer Cosmetics age repairing brightner is perfect for on-the-go touch-ups to conceal dark circles and imperfections.

L to R: Jouer Cosmetics Essential Matte Touch “Alternative to blotting papers, this botanical mattifier purifies, calms, and firms; while absorbing excess oil”. sheer matte powder bronzer duo translucent mattifying powder and matte honey powder bronzer.

T to b: Jouer Cosmetics matte moisture tint SPF 15 is AMAZE it’s so matte yet so comfortable on the skin and it covers like a good foundation/concealer with a powder finish  Qil free and luminizing moisture tint SPF 20 oil free  feels and looks really nice on the skin.

Jouer Cosmetics also has eye shadows, lip gloss, lip plumping balm, and holiday gift set like sparkle & pop. SO GOOD.


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