LIERAC Skincare

Summer Skincare. The latest from LIERAC Paris skincare and worth writing about are: to get your body smooth and sexy for the beach season LIERAC MORPHO-SLIM Anti-Cellulite Concentrate is a good friend. Even if you have the perfect skin there is no harm in using this because it’s so hydrating. I speak for myself, it works for me.

LIERAC INITIATIC Fluid For The First Signs Of Aging designed for women aged 30 and over. I say it’s a nice moisturizer and I give it my OK. Formulated with high-tech peptide and goji fruit extract to work on these first lines and wrinkles.

LIERAC SENSORIELLE OIL Multi-Use Oil For Face, Body & Hair. I find French skincare is big to have at least one multi-oil product in their lines. The French seems to be big on body oil especially in the summer time and for the beach. This one is formulated with a complex of white flowers, Argan Oil, Hazelnut Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, and Grapeseed Oil. I’m still trying to figure how to incorporate it into my skincare regimen because it smells good and going to explore and keep you posted. Have you tried  anything similar to this? What s the best way to use it?

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