Meet Victoria Rowe Talking Makeup’s Contributor

Talking Makeup is thrilled to introduce to you Victoria Rowe a celebrity makeup artist and our first contributor. Victoria worked with an impressive list of celebrities including: Brittany Murphy, Rosario Dawson, Kimberly Stewart, Shar Jackson, Linda Carter, Matthew Perry and more.

Victoria Rowe
Victoria Rowe.

With 15 years of experience as a makeup artist and hair stylist Victoria’s work has included fashion shows for major designers, print commercials, television shows, celebrity photo shoots and celebrity appearances, music videos, and short films.

Victoria’s vision is to bring the art of each person she works with into being. Her background in theater, film, and television as an actor and singer have given her a wonderful sensibility to each individual client and their artistic and creative vision.

Victoria is now Talking Makeup’s contributor and will share with you her expert makeup and style tips. Think of Victoria as your own personal makeup artist. So please don’t hesitate to leave your comments and questions for Victoria, she would be more than happy to answer them for you!

Stay tuned for Victoria Rowe’s Article #1: “The Real Hollywood Face” which will be published tomorow 5/22/08.

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  1. victoria, question for you. love your bio and experience by the way? are you an agent for elite modeling. i was wondering if you worked with them. i’m not at all the tall runway type. more average/even athletic slim multicultural brown/hazel green. the question i ask…is because i’ve heard your name mentioned with elite…just wondering….if not it’s here, with makeup, and i like t he fact i can “see” how you do it, because it is a true art. thank you in advance.

  2. By Victoria Rowe:

    Thanks, Michelle. And no, I am not an agent at all. I’m just a Makeup Artist. I have probably have friends who are models with Elite and have worked on many, many shows over the years that had Elite Models in them but that’s about it. Not sure where that reference was made. Anyway, if you’re asking about Makeup for your skin type or color, we’re going to explore all of that in upcoming articles. Just remember the most important thing to keep your face looking gorgeous and sexy is lots of moisturizer and lots of sunscreen. Focus on Moisturizers that contain high concentrations of Vitamin C (especially for acne and scarring) and use at least an SPF 25+ sunscreen this summer. Keep it Glowy and Fresh!!! Enjoy!!!xo-Victoria:)

    Also-Michelle-if you are asking about representation for your “type” of look, I can’t really recommend anything without seeing a picture, but it sounds like you might have a great commercial look (maybe SHAPE magazine if you’re athletic), or possibly Beauty (meaning close-up Face-Oriented Modeling). Not all models are extremely tall, but there are height requirements in most agencies. You may want to consider Commercial Acting if you are outgoing and live in an area you would have access to large markets. 🙂

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