Miss Puerto Rico The New Miss Universe

Zuleyka Rivera Mendoza of Puerto Rico is the chosen new Miss Universe 2006 this Sunday evening in Los Angeles.  I wonder if Miss Puerto Rico will join the very beautiful faces of Cover Girl.  The fabulous make up line is one of the lavish gifts a lucky Miss Universe receives.  Cover Girl had few ads one featuring Christie Brinkley for CG’s Advanced Radiance Age-Defying  Liquid Makeup which promises and delivers 5 years off your looks.  True Blend for true coverage advanced skin-matching pigments that easily matches 97% of skin tones.  And lastly, Queen Latifa showing long sexy lashes thanks to cover Girl’s Lashexact Mascara with a breakthrough brush technology that resists clumps and gives exactly the look you want.  Congratulation Miss Puerto Rico have a fun Miss Universe time!

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