Neutrogene Ultra Sheer Liquid

It’s been sunny in New York City recently and Spring is in the air everywhere. That means more time in the sun. I just discovered Neutrogena Ultra Sheer liquid daily sunblock to use under my makeup. The magic word here is liquid. It dispenses as a white cream that very easily turns into a spreadable liquid on the skin. No need to rub vigorously anymore and it doesn’t leave a white residue (sounds familiar?) You hardly feel it on your face it is so light. I applied it this morning after my serum and before my foundation.

Did you know that this sunblock is actually designed to leave a matte finish on your skin after you apply? Brilliant. The Neutrogena Ultra Sheer liquid daily sunblock comes in SPF 55 and SPF 70. BTW Neutrogena Ultra Sheer is small enough to fit in any makeup bag. No excuse not wearing sunscreen anymore. Finally a sunblock that is not working against us:)

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