New Spa Line at Park Hyatt Tokyo

Park Hyatt Tokyo Introduces New Spa Line: CHOLLEY. New facial treatments at Club On The Park Spa.

New Spa Line at Park Hyatt Tokyo

New Spa Line at Park Hyatt Tokyo

Beginning in October 2017, Park Hyatt Tokyo will introduce a new series of facial treatments at Club On The Park spa and fitness facilities, and will launch the CHOLLEY line from Switzerland.

This exclusive brand of facial products is highly praised for its immediate results by beauty specialists all around the world. Enriched with minerals from the glaciers of the Swiss Alps, these products deliver the best health, protection, beauty, and anti-aging solution for the skin.

The Club On The Park team will present the following special CHOLLEY PHYTOCELL facial treatments for Club On The Park members and hotel guests:

Park Hyatt Tokyo Introduces New Spa Line: CHOLLEY

Park Hyatt Tokyo Introduces New Spa Line: CHOLLEY

· Basic 70 minutes \22,000 (inclusive of tax) (approximately $199 USD)
This facial mask treatment uses algae extract that hydrates as well as tightens the skin. The plant and algae components from the mask help produce shiny and healthier skin.

· Anti-Aging 90 minutes \27,000 (inclusive of tax) (approximately $245 USD)
This special course starts with a customized blend of highly-concentrated skin peeling application. Once the skin is reset, it is finished off with a frozen eye mask containing condensed active ingredients for anti-aging. These active ingredients help reduce blemishes, wrinkles and sagging, further accelerating the process for resilient and youthful looking skin.

· Radiance 90 minutes \27,000 (inclusive of tax) (approximately $245 USD)
This 100% collagen sheet mask treatment contains highly-condensed hyaluronan extract that seeps into the skin through osmosis. This application hydrates and conditions the skin leaving it rejuvenated and radiant. This treatment is recommended to guests with sensitive skin.

· Whitening 90 minutes \27,000 (inclusive of tax) (approximately $245 USD)
This facial mask treatment uses highly-effective whitening application and is tightly-sealed with a light adhesive plaster bandage. This is done for the application to penetrate the skin and produce effective results. The highly-concentrated plant extracts clear excess melanin, resulting in the skin to regain a brighter skin tone.
CHOLLEY is a pioneer in specializing and distributing anti-aging skin care and phtyo cosmetic beauty products since 1972. In recent years, CHOLLEY has been a major influence on the cosmetic industry with the development of its’ exclusive IC-RAMP® technology. IC-RAMP® stands for Inter Cellular, Regenerative, Relay, Resonance, and Amplification and this technology utilizes intercellular communication to stimulate skin regeneration. Human stem cells contain epigenetic factors that are similar to those found in certain rare plants. Phyto stem cells can be used to supply metabolites to human stem cells. This results in improving the health and longevity of the skin. With the combination of biochemistry and cosmetic science and using superior plants and raw materials, IC-RAMP® is the leader in stem cell research and development in Switzerland. The products from the CHOLLEY PHYTOCELL series do not contain paraben, alcohol, artificial color or medicinal liquid.

About Club On The Park Spa
Club On The Park is an exclusive spa and fitness facility open exclusively to hotel guests and Club members.
45th Floor Spa Facilities: Seven private treatment rooms, whirlpools, dry / steam saunas, cold plunge pools, 360-degree body showers, massage rooms, relaxation rooms and locker rooms.

47th Floor Fitness Facilities: Swimming pool (20m x 8m), fully equipped gymnasium, aerobics studio, poolside lounge.

Open from 6:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m. (reservations for treatments accepted between 9:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m.).

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