NIVEA A Kiss of Flavor

Valentine’s Day Kiss: Make that kiss memorable.

Simple, heartfelt gestures are the best way to offer the gift of love. In fact, the most desired gift this Valentine’s Day is a kiss. Luckily, NIVEA Lip Care offers a wide variety of products to protect that pucker so you’re irresistibly kissable. Enriched with natural Beeswax and Shea butter, NIVEA A Kiss of Flavor (Cherry, Passion Fruit, Pearly Shimmer)¬†and A Kiss of Moisture will hydrate and offer long-lasting protection for soft, yummy kissable lips. SRP: $2.99.

Enriched with natural Shea Butter and Vitamin E, NIVEA’s Glossy Lip Care range, NIVEA A Kiss of Shine, (Natural, Pink, Red) of squeezable tubs leaves smooth lips with a sheer, glossy shine and a hint of color. SRP: $3.29.

NIVEA’s XOXO Chain lets you share virtual hugs and kisses. The online program runs through Valentine’s Day and you are invited to share, and show the love at by uploading your own photos and videos to the site. $1 from each XO will be donated to Big Brothers Big Sisters organization.

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