Proactiv Oil Free Moisture

I can’t believe how an ‘oil-free’ moisturizer such as the Proactiv Oil Free Moisture can be so hydrating. But it is! I be honset I don’t get along with oily feeling moisturizers they make my skin feel dirty and irritate it to a point of breakouts. Light-weight and fast-absorbing is also another good feature with this Proactiv face moisturizer.

Proactiv Oil Free Moisture

SEE WHAT’s INSIDE Proactiv Oil Free Moisture…

To me Proactiv Oil Free Moisture feels very silky as soon as you rub it on the skin. I can see why it works of you have acne prone skin because you don’t want to add anything that will further clog your skin. It’s not perfumed heavily so it smells clean. And it has SPF 15.

What’s inside Proactiv Oil Free Moisture

I apply Proactiv Oil Free Moisture in the morning after my serum to keep my skin moisturized, protect it from the Arizona sun, and help with smoother makeup application. I like to use it as a sun screen for my face also because it doesn’t leave any thick white residue like some SPF cream do. My skin type is combination to an occasional breakouts so I feel Proactiv Oil Free Moisture controls oily face throughout the day.

All in all, I’m adding Proactiv Oil Free Moisture to my makeup bag because it’s a light and reliable face moisturizer with SPF and goes well with my occasional breakout prone skin. DONE:)

***Proactiv Oil Free Moisture was provided to to try for this post and this is a sponsored post***

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