Redken curvaceous Hair

Got curly hair? Check out the NEW Redken curvaceous hair care line. They suppose to get the best out of your curls and keep them in place too. Also good for just wavy hair. Designed to fight frizz, dryness, lack of definition, and to reduce frizz up to 97% for up to 3 days straight! (via Redken). Maybe this is the tome to finally embrace your curls.

Redken Redken curvaceous Hair

How to get glossy ringlets or tousled waves

“Since I’ve introduced my clients’s to Redken’s NEW Curvaceous, my curly girls now happily tell me they’ve been able to stop blow-drying and straightening their hair and are no longer afraid to run in the rain! …the products are also easy to customize for a specific style: to get glossy ringlets for example, use Curvaceous Cream Shampoo and Condition, apply Ringlet as a base on damp hair, spray with Wind Up, blow-dry with a diffuser and then finish with Full Swirl. For tousled waves, finish hair with Wind Up and Wave Ahead.”-Jenny Balding, Redken’s Curl Expert.


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