Scott Barnes New Kid On The Blog

So who is Scott Barnes?  We always love to see new faces coming into the Fashion and Makeup world.  Scott Barnes began his career as a Fashion Photography Assistant.  Intrigued with the Fashion world Scott Barnes find his way to become a makeup artist implementing his main motto of Chic and Simple.  Scott Barnes soon transformed to an A Lister with a unique and an artistic approach to traditional makeup. His makeup also has an Eastern influence due to Scott Barnes in depth studies of that culture.   Today Scott Barnes is a makeup artist to many international music, film, and TV celebrities. 

Scott Barnes

Looking for the perfect Cream Foundation?  Try Scott Barnes Cream Foundation which is a compact foundation that will give you a creamy coverage but with a seamless look and feel. Scott Barnes Creamy Foundation is formulated with calming skin care ingredients to relax your skin.  Scott Barnes is well known as the master of glowing skin so you can’t go wrong with this fabulous Creamy Foundation.   Comes in 10 beautiful invisible coverage shades, such as:  Alabaster for pale pink undertone, Beyond Beige for light beige undertone, Camel for medium beige undertone, Cafe for medium pink undertone, Sand for medium pink undertone, Toffee for medium pink undertone, Amber for medium beige undertone, Caramel for medium beige undertone, Chestnut for dark beige undertone, Topaz for reddish brick brown.  Cost:  $40.
Scott Barnes Creamy Foundation

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