Secret Outlast Anti-Perspirant Deodorant

I’m all about the Secret Outlast Clear Gel Anti-Perspirant Deodorant. I need it to help control my sweat in the Scottsdale & Paradise Valley Arizona heat while working with my Real Estate clients and last all the way to dinner time and more. It promises 48 hour odor protection.

Secret Outlast Anti-Perspirant and deodorant. L to R: Clear Gel Unscented and Invisible Solid Completely Clean. Beat hot and sweaty summer days

I’m sucked into this product also because my favorite gal Jenni Pulos from the hit TV Bravo shows Flipping Out and Interior Therapy is in Secret’s TV commercial. I happen to love Jenni and the shows. I feel like a…

…successful power woman just like Jenni when I wear Secret Outlast, ha! Great marketing Secret:) My choice is their Clear Gel Unscented which dries fast and doesn’t feel wet. It also comes in an invisible solid and smooth solid versions.

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