Shakira Without Makeup

My favorite pop star and beauty Shakira was spotted without makeup recently.

What do you think guys? Does Shakira look the same or it’s a shame?:)

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  1. Well, I think she still looks good/cute in a natural way!

  2. She look great with or without makeup.

  3. She might have some make-up on? Otherwise she looks really gorgeous! She obviously needs only a tiny bit of Make-up to look sparkling and fresh…

  4. Yes! She is still looking nice and cute!)))
    Her eyes, smile and lineament of her face looks like she has just makeup))))

  5. I think she’s always beautiful, I adore her and i think she is the must “natural” beautiful woman in the stars sistem!!!!Que viva Shakira

  6. i like shakira bekouse she is herself.
    If you like shakira the look doesnt matter… right?

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  9. Without makeup? Nice lipstick btw -_-

  10. She’s wearing makeup!

  11. Shakira is really beautiful

  12. no makeup, where?! she麓s in full makeup in both pix, hny

  13. she is still beautiful even with make up even without make up she is very very beautiful

  14. she is very vey vvvvvvvvvvvvv UGLY!

  15. Shakira is amazing but without makeup she is just like an UGLY WITCH!

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