Sheer Stella Fragrance By Stella McCartney

Introducing a sheer edition of Stella McCartney’s cult favorite fragrance.

Sheer Stella Limited Edition Fragrance By Stella McCartney ($62) is an exclusive scent infused with the sheer beauty of organic rose. Each year, Stella McCartney reinvents her namesake fragrance with lush new notes, creating a limited-edition take on her iconic rose scent. In keeping with tradition, the designer introduces Sheer Stella, an organic rose version of the classic Stella fragrance developed exclusively for 2010.

The fresh fragrance is infused with organic rose grown in the mountains, giving Sheer Stella a light, natural appeal. Exclusive to Stella McCartney, an entire organic rose harvest was purchased to create the one-of-a-kind fragrance. Fresh, natural top notes of Green Apple, Frosted Lemon and Bulgarian Rose open a romantic heart of Celestial Rose, Rose Absolute, and Iranian Organic Rose, grounded by a base of warm, sensual Amber.

The limited-edition Sheer Stella bottle was designed by British artist Philip Jones, an internationally renowned London-based painter who has most recently exhibited work in Madrid.

Available at: Sephora,

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