SOUL2SOUL Faith Hill and SOUL2SOUL Tim McGraw Perfumes

American Celebrity Power Couple, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw celebrated the launch of their new duet fragrances SOUL2SOUL Faith Hill and SOUL2SOUL Tim McGraw with a personal appearance at ULTA Beauty in Hendersonville, TN this past weekend.

Faith Hill And Tim McGraw debut SOUL2SOUL, their new duet fragrances, at ULTA Beauty

PHOTO CREDIT: Royce DeGrie/Getty Images

SOUL2SOUL is a duet fragrance inspired by the powerful bond shared by Faith Hill and Tim McGraw. Like Faith and Tim, each complementary scent has its own unique appeal. SOUL2SOUL Faith Hill is a romantic, elegant, radiant fruity floral fragrance while SOUL2SOUL Tim McGraw is a fresh, modern and sexy aromatic woodsy fragrance. The two fragrances are united by the common note of Everlasting—a precious flower that never withers—symbolizing eternity, consistency and their classic love story.

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