Tom Brady’s Interview for All American Stetson

Tom Brady is a handsome all American boy who also happens to be the spokesman for the latest All American Stetson fragrance for men.

Here is an interview with Tom Brady where he is talking about All American Stetson. He gives advice to women on how to buy cologne for their significant other. How he manages to stay grounded with all his amazing fame, and what is the best part of being Tom Brady!

How does All American Stetson differ from Stetson Original?
All American is a cologne that has a fresh and younger feel. It’s very modern. All American is the next generation of Stetson, it’s the NEW classic.

What makes this new Stetson cologne “All American?”
I think a lot of people would agree that being “American” is a state of mind that we all take pride in. It’s being adventurous, being free-spirited and it’s also about expressing a certain confidence. All American captures this kind of American ideal of “living free and living true.”

Who do you think this fragrance will appeal to?
All American is for the guy who lives life to the fullest. It smells great and has a cool, modern edge.

What is it about the All American cologne that you like the most?
I especially like the spiciness of the ginger in combination with the patchouli. Both of these ingredients make the cologne smell very outdoors-y and masculine.

What makes All American such a great fragrance choice for a young man today?
All American Stetson is a new classic that won’t break the bank. A guy simply cannot go wrong with this cologne. He can wear it on a date or when he goes to watch the game with the guys. It’s timeless….

What is the best advice you can give a woman who is looking to buy cologne for her significant other?
From a guys’ perspective, I can tell you that if a woman buys it for me, chances are I’m going to like it because it came from her. My advice would be to pick out a fragrance that appeals to you and most likely, your guy will like it too.

Could you tell us the product you can’t live without?
When I’m on the road, I bring my essentials: a good shampoo, a razor, deodorant and cologne. When I find something I like, I stick with it. That’s one reason I wear Stetson – I can trust that it smells great no matter where I am or what I’m doing.

Where and when were you first introduced to cologne?
Believe it or not, my father used to wear Stetson Original when I was growing up. That is one reason why I feel very proud to be the face of this brand. Cologne was a regular part of his routine and I think I adopted that from him.

Experts claim that people have emotional connections to certain scents. Can you give us an example of a scent that brought you back to certain and time?
Definitely from my dad wearing Stetson Original. When I was lucky enough to meet with the folks from Coty we sampled a bunch of colognes and when I smelled it, it brought back great memories…

You are a true American icon in many ways. You are a star athlete, men and women alike adore you, and you seem incredibly humble and appreciative. How do you manage to stay so down-to-earth and grounded?
My friends know me as a really easy-going guy who prefers to keep a low profile. At the end of the day, I try to keep things simple – I do my job to the best of my ability, try to be a good father and role model, and have a little fun along the way with those that I love.

What is the most exciting thing about being Tom Brady?
Being on the field at the end of a hard fought win with my great friends and teammates, knowing that all of our hard work together had paid off.

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