Tru Renewal Skincare by Ramona Singer of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of New York City

If you love watching The Real Housewives of New York City on Bravo like myself, and Ramona Singer is your favorite housewife you might want to learn about her skincare line: Tru Renewal by Ramona.

Ramona Singer is a strong and an independent business woman who has a bit of a hutzpa and doesn’t afraid to speak her mind. Since Ramona Singer, and needless to say her husband Mario, are so good looking I’m very curious to find out if it is all to do with great genes, or is it Tru Renwal.

“Now that the product is done (Tru Renewal), I cannot begin to tell you how thrilled I am with the outcome; I finally found a product that works!!! After using the product for 6 weeks all of my friends and doctors have noticed a difference in my skin. My skin looks and feels healthier; it is more vibrant and glowing.”-Ramona Singer.

Ramona Singer star of The Real Housewives
of New York City on BRAVO and founder of
Tru Renewal skincare.

Talking Makeup is excited to introduce to you Tru Renwal by Ramona and its main products:

Tru Renewal Ultra Repair Cream with Algae Enzymes: An enriched, anti-inflammatory, rejuvenating, age-defying cream for all skin types that repairs and protects. Silica-rich bamboo thickens the dermal matrix and provides a protective shield. Solar photospheres from algae repair damage to skins DNA and stimulate collagen synthesis for firmer, youthful-looking skin. Bio-fermented laminaria algae, shea butter, squalene, and hyaluronic acid moisturize and revitalize your skin. SRP: $69.

Tru Renewal Ultimate Eye Repair with Retinol: An emollient serum for all skin types that reduces puffiness, firms skin, refines fine lines, and reduces dark circles. Fights aging and brown spots. Contains liquid oxygen for skin revitalization, plus micronized pearl for healing and bioavailable calcium. Laminaria algae, caragheenan red algae, and bio-fermented algae extract provide antioxidants, C, betacarotenes, remineralization, emollients, and dermal thickening. SRP: $60.

Tru Renewal Gentle Gel Cleanser with Algae Extract: A mild algae based foaming cleanser for all skin types including sensitive and and irritated skin conditions. SRP: $27.

Tru Renewal Oxygenated Algae Boost: An instant age-defying boost for all skin types, tru renewal’s supreme anti-aging product. Pure liquid oxygen, vitamin C esters, and seaweed extracts penetrate skin to gently exfoliate,20stimulate collagen synthesis, and regenerate cells while smoothing expression lines. Preservative and chemical-free. Tones and firms surface skin while protecting against environmental aging factors. SRP: $110.

Tru Renewal by Ramona is available at Ramona’s Singer Official Website!

The entire cast of The Real Housewives of New York City on Bravo:
From left: LuAnn de Lesseps, Jill Zarin, Bethenny Frankel, Kelly Killoren Bensimon, Ramona Singer, & Alex McCord (van Kempen).

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  1. I ordered this skin line and never rec’d it. I have called and emailed. It has even been taking out of my account too. Pissed!

  2. I just watched the episode and she was complaining about the label graphic design, Ramona your label looks cheap.

  3. Honestly, who would buy this product line that she supports. She admits to using botox and other cosmetic surgery. Have fun throwing your money away on some upscale trailer trashes jars of jizz.

  4. I’m also shocked at the cheap label. Also am confused by 3 different products that all seem to be the same thing. Ramona, you are a delusional bipolar that needs medication. I have a few in my extended family and I can spot them a mile away. Meds might help that compulsive head jerking you portray every time you get overexcited, which seems to be often.

  5. Who would buy a product that a well known department store won’t even carry? Talk about twitching, Ramona is an odd bird. She had a nose job that went awry, and I would kill the doctor that did it. She is the one Housewife that I cannot stand watching, she makes me twitch.

  6. I’m glad that I had a chance to read these reviews, especially Natalie’s because I was very interested in looking into purchasing Ramona’s skincare line and giving it a shot, but now I’m NOT even thinking about it especially after Natalie stated that they took her money and she yet has NOT even received the product!! That’s a bunch of BULLSHIT!!!!

  7. Productclaims to repair skins DNA, what a pathetic boost. If skin products could alter DNA, just think of the posibilities and the danger.

  8. sorry bad typo, product claims, and boast, sorry i’m tired.

  9. Dear Ladies,
    I spoke to Nancy and she received her skin care products. There was a problem in our order system that has been resolved and I personally called her. My skincare works to improve the overall condition of your skin quality, botox will not do that. Ramona Singer of RHNYC

  10. Way too expensive Ramona. Remember the economy?

  11. Ramona, have been looking forward to the lauch of your cream. Why is there not a sample size to purchase?

  12. for Ramona Singer – do you mean *Natalie*, the first commentator?

  13. I think it’s quite funny how none of you have tried these products but still feel the need to comment on them. I actually have tried the products and I can tell you that people around me have noticed a significant difference. They think it looks firmer and seems to have an overall glow. I have started using it religiously and have made it into my permanent skincare regime. Maybe before voicing your opinions, you all should actually try the products. You’re all missing out. And for the person who said that this skincare line is too expensive..umm hunny…that’s what good products cost. If you pay $4.99 at a drugstore…you’re going to get $4.99 results. Look at the ingredients in them and you’ll see why it costs this much.I actually think its relatively inexpensive for how good of a product it is. Anyways, I hope all of you who are smart will try Ramona’s products and maybe you’ll change your opinion.

  14. Thank you Tanya for the most logical and reasonable response. Ramona Singer’s products are indeed priced lower than what I would have expected, and I will go ahead and purchase the products because you are the only person who has actually bought and used the product will great results.

    Ramona Singer – some people like to hate you, but I think you are one of the most interesting people on the show. Good luck on your skincare line!

  15. I followed Ramona’s suggestion at her website “if you only order one of my products, try the Ultra Repair Creme”–I Love It! This creme chock full of natural botanicals and your skin feels hydrated, but not greasy. Those little lines around my eyes are dimishing–Thank you Ramona!

    My order was a little late arriving–figured it was the high demand. Today, I received an apology note explaining the delay and and a fab picture signed by Ramona thanking me for my purchase.

    Nice Touch–Best of luck Ramona with your new endeaver!

  16. If I order products will they come with someone who can do an eye lift or freshen me up (a la spaP

  17. DNA repair is typical of the false claims of the “wellness” industry. You can’t just smear some algae on your face and expect it to repair DNA, and even if it was that simple, there is no evidence it would significantly repair skin cells at all, much less to the point that you would notice it in your skin’s appearance.

    Look up “gene therapy” and see how complex it is to repair DNA and have that translate to RNA, and then to protein, and then to heal damaged cells.

    Looks like the Catholic cross seller has no problem falsifying claims to get gullible wannabees to spend their hard earned dollars on placebo cream.

  18. I don’t think this products works

  19. Ramona is also plastic and dumb

  20. I purchased a few of Ramona’s products, not knowing that it was this Ramona. It took way too long for the products to arrive, I have not noticed any difference in my skin texture, appearance or anything. Also, for the amount of money I spent, it just was not worth it. I wish I could send it back. Now that I know it is Ramona from RHNYC, and that she also has had botox and all the BS done—I will not support that. I read a comment she made about how she developed this line (which she didn’t develop shit; she put her money into someone who has a real job as a chemist make the product) but that if her skin can look this good at her age with the products she’s been using, she’ll totally support it. Well hun, when you get botox done, of course you are going to look younger but you also look fake. I will not support anyone like this, regardless if they are on some tv program or just an everyday normal person! There goes my $200.00—wasted on worthless products. At least if I would have received a signed picture like Joan (above) did, I could’ve sold it on ebay and recouped some of my money back.

  21. I was curious about Ramona’s products after watching the show. I found this website and was shocked to see a lot of the responses. I have not tried her products and for skin sensitivity reasons unfortunately cannot afford to buy. I understand if someone is dissatisfied with a product they have the right as a customer to complain but there is a fine line between that and just being rude. Ramona I wish you luck with all of your ventures but it does appear as if you are doing well and luck is not needed, your jewelry on HSN is gorgeous I recently purchased a ring and cuff bracelet with blue topaz for my daughter’s birthday. I guess in some people’s opinion I do not have the right to blog since I have no real information to offer but the old age advice if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say it at all.

  22. i read some of the people’s responses on here. I don’t understand why everyone is so negative towards someone they don’t personally know. I don’t think that botox alone keeps your skin looking young. I really do think that a good skincare line is the key. I personally haven’t tried the products jet but i plan to in the near future. Because i really believe in trying a product bevor i judge it. I think that if people don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all. I don’t understand some of the people’s negative responses on here. They seem to be filled with so much hate. All i am saying is why don’t yall try the product bevor all the negativety

  23. Any good product that is nourishing to the skin is helpful to your overall look. To insult someone because they also botox and have other procedures proves ignorance. They are complementary processes, not meant to replace. You can fill in a deep wrinkle with a filler product that botox or skin care wouldn’t touch. That’s the realities of aging. Start earlier with a good product and you might delay some of the impacts of age, but they eventually catch up with you.

    Anyone out there who is personally insulting someone else like this has issues themselves. I’m sorry but there is no reason to behave that way. It’s classless.

  24. You all need to get lives and quit the b*tching and whinning. It’s one thing to leave comments about a product that you HAVE tried. Whether those comments are negative or positive, that’s the only reason why you should be heard from. Also, it’s one thing to have an opinion, it’s another to just run your mouth (or in this case, let your fingers mouth off for you=) So, any comments about Ramona’s products that you’ve personally tried????

  25. I am also glad I read these reviews b/c I’ve been waiting for her line to come out. I also think her prices are very high, we all don’t live in Upper Manhattan. Linda, you are wrong b/c Botox is one of the reasons her skin stays so young looking, not to mention the chemical peel she gets. I have several friends who go for chemical peels, it’s called preventive aging and they look great for their age. One is 40 and looks 30, the other is 65 and looks 50. So I think I will have my facialist look into for me and do that instead. They say you don’t have to do the whole face, you can just get it done around the eyes for crow feet and upper lip. Thanks all for your opinions..

  26. I agree w/Linda. I go to my dermatologist no matter what and a few years ago I was on accutane, which improved my sking tremendously, but you still need to find a good over the counter product to keep you skin up.

    Right now my skin is not at it’s best b/c I went back to using clarins thinking that the new/improved bright plus would be great for my skin….boy was I wrong!!!

    For the most part, I think everyone would need to go to a dermatologist in helping to maintain great skin, but when you leave the Dr’s office, you’ll still need a great line of moisturizer. I have tried Ramona’s yet, but I’m open to.

    Hey if I can pay that much for Shiesdo and Clarins products, then I could pay for Ramona’s!!!

  27. When Ramona said she was making her own skin care line I laughed.
    What makes her an expert?
    Truthfully, she doesn’t look like she has nice skin. From what I can tell her skin appears red & blotchy. If her skin does look okay it’d be due to all the Botox, facial peels, lifts and whatever else she pays people to do to her.
    Therefore, not only would I not try a product she endorsed I would not buy something she put her name behind.
    Since there are a lot of negative remarks on this website it may actually be Ramona or her friends putting positive and defending remarks on her website. I mean anyone can put up a post. Maybe it is her. She would’t allow any bad publicity from someone. She does that any time she talks or open her eyes.

  28. I just received 2 of the TruRenewal products, the skin repair cream & the algae face wash gel. I chose these 2 products as I have sensitive skin & wanted to see how it responded. The gel was mild & took off makeup well & was soothing. The cream has a light feel with a different texture than most creams. It was not heavy & I applied just a light layer to my entire face. I just returned from a beach vacation & my skin is extra dry right now. After 15 min of applying the cream, my face skin is smooth, blotchiness & uneven skintone reduced & dryness is completely gone. Love it! Yes, it is a little pricey but if it continues to work, then the price is ok.

  29. Ok, in response to people who are saying “Why is she an expert” blablabla…she never said she was people. She said several times in her show that she AND a renowned chemist created the skincare line. She said that she wasn’t thrilled with some of the products out there and she was looking for something different, so she met up with a chemist so he could help create a line with her ideas behind it. Also, it really isn’t that expensive. Like Tanya said, there are so many other skincare products out there that cost OUTRAGEOUS amounts of money. I tried a few of these products and quite truthfully I’m very happy with my purchase. I’ve been using them for 8 weeks and my skin has appeared fresher and more radiant. You ladies also need to remember that good skincare products don’t transform your skin over night. You need to use them daily and religiously. I think, if you are all going to continue talking about these products, you should try them..stick with them..and if after a significant amount of time you don’t like what you see…then complain. But also, just because you might not like Ramona on the show, doesn’t mean her products are stop talking about her as a person. This is not the forum for it. If you want to talk about Ramona’s it in another place…not one that deals with her company. Ok thats all. Good luck to you Ramona. Love you stuff!

  30. really effective productes. i am using some of them and it gives a real differance. thanks for informing.

    I’ve never had any skin issues before. I sent the products back and Ramona refused a refund! I’ve spend over $500 on dr’s appointments and medication.

  32. I am a mother of 2. I have an 11 yr. old son and a 4 yr. old daughter. I will be 35 tomorrow, May 1, 2010. I have not tried any of the products yet, but this is my best advise. I have been lucky and have pretty good skin but I’m always looking for something to make it better. My mother will be 69 yrs. old May 4th and she looks 10 to 15 yrs. younger, yes she has good genes but she also takes care of her skin. I have tried expensive skin care, I even worked for one when I was younger as a promotional assitant, make-up artist. The skin care for this line actually was not good for my skin. Everyone’s skin is different, this is why we have so many skin care lines out there! Thats why what may work for you will not work for another. Yes I think Ramona is a bit out there, but I think she believes in her product. It’s one thing to get on here and say the product didn’t work for you, but to be ugly because it didn’t is another. Again, everyones skin is different!! I am a nurse now, so I understand how the body works, my second calling is makeup artist. I love makeup and skin care! I use to be 313 lbs., I’m 5’9″ , 175 lbs. now. But even when I was heavier, I took care of my skin. Yes the product is expensive, all I’m saying how do you know until you try it? Ramona, your wonderfully crazy, good luck to you and I wish you the best!!!!!!

  33. Sorry, one more thing, I do believe that if a customer is unhappy and sends the product back in a reasonable time you should refund their money. That is just good buisness. I don’t know the circumstances of the ones that have and that might have been the time issue, but I had to add that.

  34. I thought she had rosacea.

  35. This crap is nothing more than what you can by at a drugstore. Don’t waste your money for overpriced promises,,,
    Oil of Olay which is much cheaper works best

  36. OMG I was shocked to read these posts. People are pretty nasty and cheap! You get what you pay for, that’s my motto….Ramona you look great! And who cares if you get botox and whatever else.

  37. Ramona is my FAVORITE housewife on there. She is special and funny. She tells it like it is and people should know that she is Ramona just being Ramona. As far as her skincare line? I haven’t tried it.

  38. I have used this now for two week and my face is red and around my nose it feels like it is burned! Is that why Ramona always had a red now during the first two seasons??? I am going to return and better get my money back!!!!!!!

  39. Oh also the label is cheap and the cap on the algea spray does not fit. If you push it all the way in it sprays product into the cap! You should go after your packaging company for coming off with someone so cheap looking for an expensive product.

    I know now Ramona IS really like she is on the show, loud, vulgar, backstabber and out for publicity. If you saw her at Bethany’s wedding you would think the show was for her. Also watch how Alex dances…………….horse teeth!!!!!!

  40. I think a lot of you are pretty mean to Ramona! I love her even though she has a crazy side–she says it like it is. I bought my son a medal of st. christopher for his first communion from her jewelry site, and we will always cherish it–she even put a small american flag pin inside the box, which he wore on his lapel. That was such a nice touch!! I look forward to trying her skincare!

  41. Ramona’s skin care works
    I have used it for the past three weeks and see a vast improvement in my skin so has my family and friends
    it takes a total of under 5 minutes to do all four steps
    I plan on reordering the cost is reasonable

  42. My hat off to Ramona for giving us an opportunity to use these products are worth every penny. I wish Ramona would sell her skin care line on HSN with four easy payments this would give more women a chance to try her products.
    within one week I saw results. I do use a sea sponge to wash my face and spray the product directly on my face.
    I’m 61 yrs old AND look 50
    thanks Ramona keep up the greatwork

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