Vegabrow brow serum

Enhance your beauty WOW with vegaBROW!

Vegabrow brow serum

Vegabrow brow serum

It’s no secret that thick, full eyebrows have made a huge comeback. Models like Cara Delevigne may have helped pave the way for this trend but the truth is that fuller brows better frame the face and take decades off the clock.

For those of us who may have over-tweezed in the 90’s and lost all hope of repairing bald spots, there’s now a SAFE and EFFECTIVE way to restore your brows to their former glory – without the use of dangerous hormones: introducing vegaBROW. Utilizing the same patent-pending bio-active technology that made vegaLASH the world’s fastest-growing eyelash enhancement formula, vegaBROW is formulated specifically for the eyebrows to create fuller, thicker, healthier brows in just 15 days.

“Everyone is becoming more concerned with the ingredients in their beauty products,” says vegaLASH/vegaBROW Co-Founder, Dan Hodgdon. “But many think that natural & vegan formulas, although better for you, aren’t necessarily effective. At vegaLASH, we turned that paradigm upside-down. And now we’re doing the same thing with vegaBROW.”

vegaBROW was born out of the idea that women shouldn’t have to have to sacrifice performance in order to have safe products. Developed in Germany using powerful bio- actives derived from mung bean and red clover extracts bound together by a patent- pending peptide for maximum efficacy, vegaBROW naturally restores the communication channels between your derma papilla and your brow follicles. With these channels open, the dermal papilla can send important health signals to the brow follicles.

The longer and the “louder” your brow follicles receive these signals, the more time they have to grow and volumize, even if they’ve been dormant for years! The more active the follicles, the denser your eyebrows become. vegaLASH’s commitment is to deliver safe quality products that work effectively with daily use. The vegan formula has been clinically tested, and proven to set back the clock and return your brows to their natural fullness. No matter how badly you may have abused them in the past, if you still have follicles, then vegaBROW can work for you. vegaBROW is an entirely new approach to brow enhancement that simply helps your body restore the natural process it uses to produce the eyebrows that you were born with.

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