Virginia Madsen, Jill Hannesy, & Bethenny Frankel at 2009 Sundance St. Ives Sensory Spa & Gallery

Hollywood’s elite stepped out at Sundance this week, to attend the St. Ives Sensory Spa and Gallery where they received complimentary spa treatments. Opening for its second consecutive year on Park City’s Main Street, the spa offered Hollywood VIP’s natural customized facials, body treatments and reflexology hand and foot treatments with select St. Ives products. Treatments were given by celebrity aesthetician Jillian Wright and the staff of New York City’s Glow Skin Spa.

Actress Virgina Madsen.

Actress Jill Hannessy.

Celebrity Chef Bethenny Frankel.

Other celebrities to seen at Sundance St. Ives Sensory Spa & Gallery:

Chris Kattan.

Dree Hemingway.

KayCee Stroh. 

Mircea Monroe.

Erika Alexander.

Melissa Leo.

Elizabeth Reaser.

Tania Raymonde.

Rodrigo Santoro.

Carlos Ramirez.

Tom Arnold.

Gina Torres.

Zoe Kravitz.

Erik Eriksen.

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