Waxing 101:Q&A with The Waxing Co

To wax or not to wax is the question this summer. If you are new to waxing here are some answers to some of the question you might have about waxing.

The Q&A is provides by The Waxing Co, the destination for hair removal in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Why remove hair with wax?
Waxing makes skin feel soft and it lasts much longer than shaving. Some people wax because they feel it is more hygienic. Our bodies release natural oils and sweat on a daily basis. Our hair can hold on to them as well as the odor they produce. When you remove the hair you can stay cleaner and fresher longer.

What are the different kinds of wax, what is the difference between them?
There are a few different types but the two most popular waxes are hard wax and soft wax. Soft Wax is the wax most people are familiar with. It is a wax that goes on warm you put a cloth strip down and pull the hair off. It is best for soft and light hair. Hard Wax is a stripless wax that goes on like soft wax but then hardens and you pull the wax itself off with no cloth strip. It is best for hard, coarse hair.

Are at home kits effective? Why go to a professional?
The simple truth is no, not really. A professional esthetician is trained to know the best conditions to wax. That person will know the correct temperature of wax to use to not burn the skin. Your professional will use high quality products with excellent technique to always pull the hair up by the root. The most common mistake the average Jane makes with an “at home kit” is she pulls the hair in a manner that causes hair breakage-this will lead to painful, fast growing ingrown hairs and serious discomfort!

Does waxing hurt?
Every person’s pain tolerance is different. The good thing is the pain goes away in seconds. We do carry products that minimize discomfort.

What is in The Waxing Co.’s “No Scream Cream?”
One of the main ingredients is Benzocaine which is a local anesthetic commonly used as a topical pain reliever. Used in combination with other soothing ingredients, it reduces discomfort that clients may experience.

Do you recommend any preparation prior to the waxing?
Yes – most importantly, the best advice is to have a positive attitude and have trust in your esthetician at The Waxing Company. We have discovered that the anticipation is much more intense than the actual realization. Trust that we will take good care of you. A few simple things you can do are: 1.) Take a hot shower 2.)Exfoliate and 3.) Apply “No Scream Cream” 30-45 minutes in advance.

How long does the hair have to be?
At least ¼ inch. Translation – if you can pinch your hair and lift your skin with out the hair slipping through your fingers, it should be long enough. It usually takes on average 2 to 3 weeks of growing out your hair to be ready to wax. Some people hate the growing out stage, others don’t mind it – however you may feel, let it grow – IT’S WORTH IT!


Should I trim my hair before my appointment?
NO!! The longer the better. The longer the hair, the smoother your skin will feel after the wax. Also, the results will last longer. If your hair needs to be trimmed, your aesthetician will take of it, as he/she knows the best length for your procedure. Don’t be ashamed, we guarantee you we have seen someone with much longer and thicker hair than you!

How long does waxing last?
It differs with each person depending on how fast the hair grows. On the average, your waxing can last from 4-6 weeks. The good news is the more you wax, the longer it lasts.

Will my hair come in thicker?
No. The hair will actually grow back lighter and softer every time you wax. It usually takes at least 3 procedures to really notice a change in how fast your hair grows back. But you can notice your hair coming in softer after the first wax.

Will I have a reaction to waxing?
Most likely not. But that largely depends on if you are taking any medication. (Explained in more detail below). However, we invite you to come in and get a free patch test wax to see how skin will react.

What if I’m on my period?
Some women find that when they are on their period, their skin is more sensitive and more likely to burn or peel. Others are just fine. We can do a test patch first to see how your skin will react. Or, if you feel more comfortable to reschedule, we completely understand. As long as you communicate with your aesthetician, she will know the best way to meet your needs.

What if I’m pregnant?
You can still get various wax procedures and treatments except for bikini tinting and anal bleaching. A new trend for Moms-to-be is to get a Brazilian wax right before childbirth.

When should I not get waxed?
If you have Lupus or AIDS. If you are in cancer therapy or receiving chemotherapy radiation treatment. If you are taking Rx Accutane, Differin, Retin A, Antibiotics, or taking any medication that may cause sun sensitivity. You should also avoid waxing while using salicylic acid, glycolic acid, benzoyl peroxide, Obaji products, any harsh exfoliants, or any facial peels.

All of these products thin out the skin and will make you more sensitive and likely to burn or peel. You should wait 2-6 weeks depending on how long you have been on the medications before you wax, as we want to make sure the meds are out of your system so you have a pleasant waxing experience. If you are not sure how you may react from any other prescriptions you are taking, please give us a call, we can help you determine if it is OK or not to wax.

Can I tan after I wax?
We suggest that you wait at least 24 hours before you lay out in the sun or in a tanning bad. As for a spray tan, we suggest you wait a few hours for your skin to re-acclimate after the wax

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