We’re Loving Arbonne’s new skincare collection Prepwork

Hello beauties:-) If you haven’t tried Arbonne skincare products then you should give it a try. Their formulations are so gentle yet effective on the skin. I actually noticed my skin texture and feel improving since I’ve been using Arbonne. I have sensitive skin and I’m always on the hunt for soothing skincare products. Check out  Arbonne’s new skincare collection Prepwork. I love all the products from the line especially the Cleansing Polish (divine!) ($46, Arbonne.com)  and I like to use the Soft Focus Veil with SPF 30 ($64, Arbonne.com) as a primer before applying my makeup, it works! Thank you Arbonne:-)

Arbonne’s new skincare collection Prepwork

We’re all about looking and feeling great in our own skin. But between the demanding job, spin class, and dinner dates — taking care of your skin can seem so extra. Enter: Arbonne’s newest line Prepwork, making it insanely easy to keep your skin in check. Prepwork is an effortless, effective skincare regimen formulated with special superfood cocktails to help your skin maintain that coveted healthy glow while safeguarding it from environmental stressors. The key ingredients are based on foods you can actually pronounce, like Kakadu Plum to boost luminosity and Raspberry Ceramide to seal in hydration. Simply put, Prepwork is smart and works hard — just like us.

Prep Step 1: Cleansing Polish ($46) – Lingonberry and apricot fuel this gentle daily exfoliator with brightening & toning properties. Bonus: it also removes makeup!

Prep Step 2: Gel Eye Masks ($73) – Fruit, veggie and caffeine-packed masks for an instantly refreshing pick-me-up. Expert tip: you can also use them around your mouth (or really anywhere you’d like).

Prep Step 3: Hydrating Dew Cream ($67) – Unique lightweight cream that doubles as an amazing pore-blurring primer – giving that hydrating glow without the oily slick.

Prep Step 4: Soft Focus Veil with SPF 30 ($64) – Breathable, dewy skin tint with mineral-based environmental protection for those makeup-free days.

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