What’s In My Beauty Bag

Spring is officially here! It’s exciting to finally see more sunshine, and to, of course, look good. So here is a sample of what’s in my beauty bag to help me feel good.

For my skin, and especially the skin on my face, I love Simple Skincare products. I don’t believe you need to use fancy or expensive skincare products to keep your skin in shape and looking amazing. I like to wash my face with Simple Moisturizing Facial Wash in the shower or to help remove makeup and dirt. It feels very creamy, yet light, refreshing and super gentle to my skin. I also love the Simple Eye Make-Up Remover Pads. This one is a must-have. Just wipe and go. I seriously can’t function without these. Both products are fragrance free, which is a god sent, ha. Don’t like perfumes on my skin.

What's In My Beauty Bag

What’s In My Beauty Bag

For my hair I’ve discovered U Luxury, aka United Luxury Shampoo & Conditioner – a UK brand. It smells light and very moisturizing without weighing my hair down.

fuzz off by Bliss is great and smells good. I like to use it when I travel because it’s literally mess-free. I’m a wax fanatic, but sometimes wax is a lot of steps as opposed to just ‘fuzz off’ LOL. Of course, all skins are not created equal, and it’s important to test this product before you use on your face. BTW – no need for an applicator… it is built in! Perfect.

Q-Tips Precision Tips are the NEW shape of Q-Tips that are perfect for makeup touch ups and even applying lip gloss or lipstick especially red lipstick. Q-Tips are so underrated – they are a must-have.

Lavanila Lemon deodorant is a more gentle form of deodorant without all the chemicals that are in normal deodorants. From all the Lavanilla ‘flavors’ I like their NEW Lemon one. Can’t go wrong with lemon fresh.

L’Occitane Armande Foot Cream is very good for getting rid of dry lines and patches on my feet (you know what I’m talking about). In the Spring and Summer when my feet are so exposed, this products is a savor.

I carry Jane Iredale powder foundation in my purse at all times. It’s great for touch-ups and even to up my coverage if needed on the go. It’s perfect for sensitive skin and for all of you who hate beauty products that are too heavy and full of ‘bad ingredients’.

Happy Spring everyone <3

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