Winter Beauty Tips With Fashion Expert Hitha Prabhakar

Watch my interview with Fashion Expert Hitha Prabhakar about the latest trends in winter beauty.

Get inexpensive tips to help update your appearance. Take Good Care of You: The latest face, body and hair care tips and trends. Winter Make-up: Quick and easy ways to make you look beautiful. Winter shaving. Acne and under eye dark circles during winter time, and dull dry hair. Winter Fashion Trends: What’s hot and what’s not hot this season—from clothes to accessories

Hitha Prabhakar is national celebrity beauty/fashion expert, a contributing fashion editor and retail industry expert. As the former style writer for Forbes magazine and, Hitha covered the luxury industry as well as men’s fashion.

She has written for People magazine,, ELLE India, Metro Newspapers, Nirvana Women, Inked magazine and Zink magazine. She has had numerous television appearances as a style expert for Fox Business News, Fox News, CBS, Univision, E! Entertainment television and as the host of the Emmy winning New York based show, Cool in Your Code, which airs on WNBC and WNYC TV. Hitha has been featured in Glamour magazine, Marie Claire, Oprah magazine, Lucky magazine, Gotham, Albuquerque Living, The Daily Mail, and has been a guest on NPR lending her style knowledge on everything from where to shop to which diamonds will be on the red carpet during the Oscars.

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