History of Models New TV Show

New York, New York (February 2011) – MODELINIA.com is launching the History of Models, an original concept television show that spans 80 years in the evolution of models. From the socialites who doubled as models to the faces that launched international brands, History of Models reflects and investigates how models represent the changing values of the general public.

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The show will air on NYC life (channel 25), the flagship station of NYC Media, the official television network of the City of New York, on February 10 at 8:30pm EST and will encore on February 14 and February 17 at 8:30pm EST.

NYC life explores arts and culture, entertainment and lifestyle, and history and education, and features the people and places that make New York City unique. NYC life is available in the New York tri-state area on broadcast, cable and satellite channels.

The History of Models reminds us of model moments that defined an era:

Who exemplified female independence by earning $300,000…in 1946? Dorian Leigh

Who personified progress in race relations when she became the first African-American model to appear on the cover of Vogue in 1974? Beverly Johnson

Who epitomized the continued success of women in the workplace by going from being the face of corporate brands to becoming the creators of their own brands in everything from calendars to couches? The INC Girls including Cindy Crawford, Heidi Klum, and Tyra Banks

Through images and interviews, the History of Models demonstrates that the rise to prominence of different types of models was an indicator of what was happening in the political, economic, and social spheres of any given era. When American women were looking to free themselves from the home and enter the workplace, Twiggy, a free-spirited model with a pixie cut, reigned supreme. When consumers recoiled from the overindulgences of the 1970s and gravitated towards the health consciousness of the 1980s, Christie Brinkley catapulted to fame.

“The History of Models gives NYC life’s viewers a unique opportunity to explore the ever-changing role that models have played in our society,” said Commissioner Katherine Oliver, Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment. “We’re so pleased that, through partnerships with independent producers like MODELINIA, we’re able to bring our viewers engaging programming they wouldn’t see on any other station.”

“New York City means glamour and power all over the world,” said Desiree Gruber, founder of MODELINIA. “It’s the perfect backdrop for the fashion business. We have the hottest designers, the hottest models, new ideas, new faces and a stylish energy unmatched anywhere. That makes NYC life the perfect home for this series. The City offers the kinds of opportunity that inspire women everywhere, and so I am especially proud to have the support of the Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment in this unique endeavor.”

The History of Models original television show includes interviews with founder of Elite models, John Casablancas; Kohle Yohannan and Harold Koda, co-curators of the Met’s “The Model as Muse” exhibit; renowned fashion photographer Roxanne Lowitt; supermodels Carol Alt, Dayle Haddon, Linda Evangelista, and Heidi Klum; and also features supporting articles by author Camilla Morton.

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