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Rosie Huntington Whiteley At Transformers 3 World Tour

TM has got the word that celebrity makeup artist Monika Blunder has been working with the gorgeous Rosie Huntington Whiteley for the Transformers 3 world tour. Rosie has continued to wow on the red carpet from Moscow, to London, to Berlin.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley at London ‘Transformers’ Premiere, Sunday, June 26th. MAKEUP INSPIRATION:

“For the London premiere, Rosie wore a beautiful blue Burberry gown with a open back. We wanted her to look classic, timeless and glowing.”


Jennifer Lopez Launches New Love & Light Fragrance Live on HSN

Jennifer Lopez will be the latest celebrity to launch a fragrance with interactive multichannel retailer, HSN. The superstar will launch her new fragrance, Love & Light with numerous live appearances on HSN this Saturday, July 2nd, 2011.

Throughout the day, Ms. Lopez will share with viewers personal stories about her inspiration behind building a global beauty brand, the development of her latest fragrance, her momentous career, and her life.

Kim Kardashian Joins Heidi Klum in Her AOL Summer Run

Looks like Kim Kardashian has found a new workout partner in Heidi Klum this week! While filming her spot as a guest judge on Project Runway a couple of days ago, Klum invited the reality star to hit the pavement for her AOL Summer Run in New York City this weekend. Kim’s been exercising extra hard to get ready for her wedding, while Heidi, the insanely hot mom of 4, will be in her workout gear consistently for the next few months as part of her AOL Summer Run.

Klum wrote after her run with Kim: “Just going back to what I said yesterday, it’s always good to work out with a buddy! My friend, Kim Kardashian, ran with me this morning. She was awesome! We took a walking break and she was the one who pushed us to start running again. We did 4 miles!”

Lip Fusion Infatuation Lipgloss

Another great lipgloss find of the week is: Lip Fusion Infatuation Lipgloss in La Lip Jolie a sheer natural baby pink shade. I’ll be honest with you I’ve tried the original Lip Fusion Color Shine and I never got along with it because it tingled too much to a point of a headache and the color payoff was not there, it turned to a clear gloss on my lips. On my recent trip to ULTA however I was happy to discover a different lipgloss collection by Fusion Beauty called: Lip Fusion Infatuation. Needless to say love from first gloss LOL. It tingles but not as much, not too strong. It has a brush application and the color pigment is much bolder. Another plus: it’s long lasting and not greasy. Does it plump? As I mentioned before my lips are naturally full so I can’t never tell. My lips do look smooth and pretty so what’s not to like:)

Lip Fusion Infatuation Lipgloss in La Lip Jolie

Buxom Lips Lipgloss

My latest great lipgloss find: Buxom Lips in Debbie a light coral pink shade. It’s not greasy, it’s cooling, long lasting, smooths the lips for and I love it. Buxom is a Bare Escentuals prodigy. In terms of plumping I’ve always been a skeptical to whether plumping lip treatments or lipgloss works or not. Also I have full natural lips already so I never see whether its the lipgloss or maybe I was just born with it LOL. All I know it feels & looks good. Isn’t it what’s it all about?

Buxom Lips Lipgloss in Debbie

LaLicious 4th of July Sale

From now until July 4th, 2011, LaLicious is offering 50% OFF their Travel Bags. Packaged in a chic, canvas clutch, LaLicious’ Travel Bags are loaded with everything you need to keep your body cleansed, smooth and moisturized, in convenient travel-friendly sizes. Available in eight of LaLicious’ most popular scents, these 2oz products include: Whipped Soap, Sugar Souffle Scrub, Body Butter and Body Oil.

Green Note: Lalicious products are all natural and free of parabens, preservatives and sulfate detergents.

Urban Decay Lip Love Honey-Infused Lip Therapy

Beauty Obsessions: Lip Gloss & Body Shimmer. I’m currently obsessed with Urban Decay Lip Love Honey-Infused Lip Therapy a lip tint infused with a honey flavor, natural oils, and collagen-boosting vitamin C. I smelled it in ULTA and I LOVE the honey smell and it also seems to have nice ingredients such as: jojoba, and apricot kernel seed oils that work together to moisturize, replenish and promote cell turnover. This is the same honey scent as Urban Decays’s old classic Sparkling Lickable Body Powder in Honey which I’ve been using for years now.

Urban Decay Lip Love Honey-Infused Lip Therapy smells yummy!

KORRES Lip Butter

Lip Treatment. I’m not an organic freak but every once in a while I do get conscious about all the chemicals I inhale just to get my lips glossy. My latest find for a more natural lip gloss is KORRES lip butters. Formulated without Petro-Chemicals and Sulfates. Favorite shades: Pomegranate (sheer coral) and Quince (sheer rose).

KORRES Lip Butter the more natural alternative to lip gloss

Redken intra force for color treated thinning hair

NEW Redken intra force for color treated thinning hair-hair care collection. I recently went really blonde and that weakened my hair a bit so I’ve decided to try the new intra force shampoo & conditioner by Redken and I really like it. At first I thought it would feel and smell a bit like medicine or strong and won’t feel like a normal shampoo.

Redken intra force for color treated thinning hair shampoo and toner. Redken intra force also includes:1 & 2 Scalp Treatment, 1 & 2 Micro Boost, Hair Advance, and Hair Densifier.

To my surprise Redken intra force shampoos nicely and the toner which is practically a conditioner made my hair soft and manageable. In fact the shampoo has a bit of minty fresh tingly feeling on the hair and scalp and it’s very soothing.

Rosie Huntington Whiteley At The Moscow Premiere of Transformers 3

Rosie Huntington Whiteley’s makeup. TM has got the word that celebrity makeup artist Monika Blunder worked with Rosie Huntington Whiteley for the Moscow premiere of Transformers 3 on Thursday, June 23rd. 2011. Monika shares with us her inspiration for Rosie’s glamorous, sexy red carpet look, and a detailed breakdown of how she created the look.

Rosie Huntington Whiteley At The Moscow Premiere of Transformers 3


“Rosie’s dress was a Fall 2011 Gucci gown, honestly I thought it was so breathtakingly sexy and glamorous. All I wanted was a little stain on her lips and very minimal makeup.”

How to get Rosie Huntington Whiteley’s makeup look: