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I want these ZARA pants. They are super cool. I fell in love with ZARA back in the days in New York City. I used to own at least 2 cool cargo pants from them which I always got compliments for. Fast froward some years and I am now in Scottsdale and they DONN’T have ZARA…very disappointing. Note to self, stop at the ZARA store on my next NYC trip that’s for sure.



Paul Mitchell Curl Power

Got curly hair? Paul Mitchell calling all boys & girls to bring your curls to life! In other words, no matter what type of curls you have, don’t be afraid to play with them, show them off, rock them, own them. Did you know that back in the day I think 70s and 80s soccer players in England paid an arm an a leg to get a perm, ha! Curls meant glamour. Well, if you are naturally curly all you need is Paul Mitchell curls hair products and you are done. Consider yourself lucky.

Paul Mitchell curl power


Demeter Fragrance Library Holiday Perfumes Must-Haves

I definitely smell the holiday season, pun intended. What makes my holiday is also the smells that come with it, the Pumpkin Pie in Thanksgiving, the Cranberry sauce. The scary Funeral home for Halloween (I bet you never thought this extremely unusually perfume even existed), and the Tootsie Roll when Trick-or-Treat-ing. Well if you’re like me a Holiday ‘softie’, you might want to check what Demeter Fragrance Library is up to. What caught my attention is these 2 perfume collections: Demeter Fragrance Library Autumn memory making classics and Demeter Fragrance Library deliciously wicked Halloween classics.

L to R: Demeter Fragrance Library Autumn memory making classics, Demeter Fragrance Library deliciously wicked Halloween classics.

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7 Important Ingredients Your Diet is Missing

Your multivitamin isn’t enough to cover all your healthy bases. See the seven ingredients you need to add to your diet now


7 Important Ingredients Your Diet is Missing

This is a TotalBeauty.com diet article

Eating healthy isn’t easy — especially since everything that’s bad for you tastes so darn good. But you don’t have to exist on veggies alone to hit your nutrient checklist. Even better, eating healthy can be as simple as adding these seven ingredients to your diet.

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Sally Hansen At-home Gel Manicure Systems

You know what, my latest nail polish favorite is Sally Hansen, their Complete Manicure line is AMAZE and I’m in love with their Polar Bear white shade. Now Sally Hansen has At-home Gel Manicure Systems too!

Sally Hansen Salon Gel Polish

Face Wipes

Editors’ 7 Favorite Face Wipes

Face wipes are good for more than just cleansing your face. See the weird — and awesome — ways we use them every day


Editors' 7 Favorite Face Wipes

This is a TotalBeauty.com skin care products article

A girl can never have too many multitasking beauty products, and face wipes are one of our favorites in this category. They’re easy to use, don’t make a mess, and come in handy when you least expect it. Check out our favorite face wipes now — and our favorite ways to use them.

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Goldfaden MD Needle-Less

New anti-aging skincare discovery: Goldfaden MD Needle-Less which a serum designed to plump skin. I like it because the serum feels light like water and doesn’t smell bad. And I actually see a little bit of firmness and hydration back to my skin. I also like their: Doctor’s Scrub, Pure Start, and Bright Eyes.

Goldfaden MD Needle-Less ($115)

“Dr. Goldfaden’s line smoothing concentrate offers an alternative solution to injections and surgical procedures…100% pure Hyaluronic Acid and advanced anti-aging Hexapeptides work to plump, tighten and smooth away the appearance of fine lines and deep creases.”

8 Diet Drinks That Are Actually Good for You

Replace your diet coke with one of these eight drinks. They’ll not only help trim your waistline, but they’re also packed with good-for-you ingredients


8 Diet Drinks That Are Actually Good for You

This is a TotalBeauty.com weight loss diets article

Despite what the name suggests, “diet drinks” may be low-cal — but they’re often not so hot for your diet. But since no one gets excited about drinking a tall glass of water, we turned to nutritionists and healthy-eating experts to get the skinny on the best actual diet drinks out there. Here are the experts’ picks for the diet-friendly, nutrient-packed drinks that won’t sabotage your healthy-eating ways.

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Good anti-Aging Skincare: VICHY LIFTACTIV Serum 10. I absolutely love this serum. I apply it right after shower and after cleansing my face while my skin is still damp. It feels invigorating, refreshing, skin thirst-quenching, and a great wake up call in the morning. The serum is super light almost like water. And did you know you can buy VICHY in CVS Pharmacy! Makes life super easy.


How to Conceal Like a Pro

The trick to having flawless skin 24/7? It’s not a $150 La Mer moisturizer; it’s knowing how to apply concealer. Learn how to expertly camouflage every imperfection


How to Conceal Like a Pro

This is a TotalBeauty.com makeup article

Let’s face it: no one actually has flawless skin. We all get blemishes, dark spots, and dark circles. But here’s the good news, though we may not have perfect complexion naturally, we can still fake it. With a little help from the pros, we’ve brought you the all tips you need to conceal anything.

Conceal like a pro