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Subscribe To Talking Makeup’s YouTube Channel for Giveaways!

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Talking Makeup current giveaways include:

ENTER  to WIN  the mark dew drenched in Juicy Lipstick Lauren Conrad was wearing on MTV Movie Awards 2009!
ENTER to WIN from Avon’s latest summer lip collection: Avon Pro 3-in-1 Lip Wand. Avon Spectra Color Lipstick. Avon Ultra Color Rich Extra Plump Lipstick!


Marta’s Top 3 Avon Makeup Products

I would love to share with you my top Avon makeup products!

1. Avon spectra lash mascara: Just twist the dial on the bottom of mascara to intensify the thickness of your lashes! I call it the ‘magic dial’:)

Avon Pro 3-in-1 Lip Wand, Spectra Color Lipstick, & Ultra Color Rich Extra Plump Lipstick GIVEAWAY

Talking Makeup is giving away 3 Avon lip colors to 5 lucky winners from Avon’s latest Summer lip color collection! yoohoo! Jillian Dempsey, Avon’s Global Creative Color Director and Patrick Dempsey’s wife helped created these 3 beautiful lip products for Avon!

3 prizes to 5 lucky winners, this what you can get by Avon:
1. Avon Pro 3-in-1 Lip Wand
2. Avon Spectra Color Lipstick
3. Avon Ultra Color Rich Extra Plump Lipstick

To find an Avon e-representative near you, visit

How to enter Avon lipcolor giveaway:
1. Subscribe Talking Makeup’s YouTube Channel!
2. Leave a comment on YouTube video.
3. U.S. or Canada Shipping Address ONLY!
4. Avon lipcolor giveaway EXPIRES 6/16/2009.

Good Luck:)

Hot Summer Lip Trends By Jillian Dempsey For Avon

Talking Makeup had an exciting opportunity today to join Avon and Jillian Dempsey, their Global Creative Color Director, in a special Lipcast and get a sneak peak to hot summer lip trends.

In addition, Avon is launching 3 very innovative lipstick and lipgloss this season: Ultra Color Rich Extra Plump Lipstick, Pro 3-in-1 Lip Wand, and SpectraColor Lipstick.

Economic datas may be falling down but lipstick is still selling like hot potatoes at Avon! I like to hear that women like to look good, even when times are tough. 

Avon Ultra Color Rich Extra Plump Lipstick, Pro 3-in-1 Lip Wand, and SpectraColor Lipstick are all multi-tasking, times saving, and simple to use. They come in very modern, wearable and versatile shades.

According to Jillian Dempsey the color inspiration for Avon latest lipstick and lipgloss collections comes from her love looking and observing people. Jillian likes to watch women in daily life and see which colors they like to wear depending on their lifestyle.

You’ve guessed it right Jillian Dempsey
is Patrick Dempsey’s wife.

According to Jillian Dempsey, the hottest lipcolor for the summer is coral, and different variation of coral ,such as: a pink coral, strong coral, or pale coral.  Also, look out for bright pinks, lots of nudes and neutrals.

Best way to pick the right lipstick according to Jillian, is to pay attention to the shape of your lips. Are your lips thin, medium, or full?