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Britney Spears Exposed! content:

Britney Spears Exposed!

See photos of Britney Spears’ hairstyles, from beautiful to cringe-inducing, she’s worn it all


Britney Spears Exposed!

If anyone is poised for (and in need of) a comeback, it’s Britney Spears. And maybe at this year’s VMAs she’ll be able to do it (again). In the meantime, check out the good and bad hairstyles she’s sported through the years.

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In Control Curious Britney Spears

Check out Britney Spears other perfume.  It is called In Control Curious Britney Spears and we must admit the name is a bit of an oxymoron considering Britney Spears seems to be somewhat out of control these days.  It is a sexy vanilla-infused musk scent and belongs to the Soft Oriental fragrance family.  

In Control Curious Britney Spears

In Control Curious Britney Spears main notes include:  Loquat Fruit, Midnight Orchid, Creme Broiler, Black Vanilla Bean, Tonka Crystals, Sugared Sandalwood, Signature Musk.  Cost:  $52.50 for 3.3 oz Eau de Parfum Spray.

Britney Spears is Curious

Curious by Britney Spears is one of the best selling fragrances on the market today.  It falls into the White Floral type of scents.  Main notes include:  Louisiana Magnolia, Golden Anjou Pear, Lotus Flower, Tuberose, Star Jasmine, Pink Cyclamen, Vanilla Infused Musk, Sandalwood, and Blonde Woods.  Cost:  $42.50 for 1.7 oz Eau de Parfum, $52.50 for 3.3 oz Eau de Parfum.  If you are a member of the Britney Spears fan club then Curious is made for you.  Never before a fragrance was so Toxic. 

Curious By Britney Spears