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ELLE’s Best Makeup For Redheads

Makeup for Redheads: I stumbled upon this article: ELLE’s Best Makeup for Redheads with a photo gallery of the best makeup looks for redheads with tips and tricks from celebrity makeup artist Rachel Goodwin on how to achieve each look. Celebrity Redhead Number One: Christina Hendricks. Rachel Goodwin, a celebrity makeup artist for Chanel, says that lipstick isn’t what it used to be—and that’s a good thing: “In the 1960s, it was somewhat chalky and colors were overly pigmented. Since then, formulations have gotten friendlier. Textures are more sheer and natural-looking.”

Best Celebrity Hairstyles for 2010

I stumbled upon a cool gallery of the Best Celebrity Hairstyles for 2010 including Nicole Richie’s bangs, Kim Kardashian’s waves, and the products stylists use to achieve their looks. Here’s a sneak peek:

The Bang. Winner: Nicole Richie.

Photo: John Shearer/WireImage

It’s no surprise that the prize for best fringe goes to Richie. “The full bang is very late ’60s, early ’70s, so it’s the perfect vintage accessory,” says Richie’s stylist, Andy Lecompte.