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Flower By Kenzo Winter Flowers Eau de Parfum

An ancient precious winter flower is the star of Kenzo’s new, limited edition eau de parfum, FLOWERBYKENZO WINTER FLOWERS.

If you are into Japanese perfumes like I am, then Flower By Kenzo Winter Flowers Eau de Parfum is the fragrance for you. I seem to love Hanae Mori and Issey Miyake, and even Shiseido perfumes, so I was quite thrilled that I got the chance to sample a Kenzo perfume. The smell is very woody, fresh, and clean. I can see myself wearing Flower by Kenzo Winter Flowers Eau de Parfum in the evening when going out to a nice dinner and drinks. What I also like about Flower By Kenzo Winter Flowers is that it has a very distinctive scent, and doesn’t smell like any other perfume. Everything about Flower By Kenzo Winter Flowers Eau de Parfum is like a work of art. Needless to say, it has a very sultry scent, and it is a definite keeper!  

This powdery, floral scent is inspired by Hellebore rose, which is known for its startling blossoms and fragile beauty against the stark winter landscape. Unlike the original FLOWERBYKENZO, WINTER FLOWERS incorporates a sparkling top note of mandarin, floral middle note of hellebore rose, and powdery base note of absolute vanilla.