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How To Get Kim Kardashian’s Brown Hair Color

Tracey Cunningham is a top celebrity colorist and the owner of Meche Salon in Los Angeles. Tracey is also an inspiration on how you can take any profession to the next level and to just always think big. How many times do you see hair colorists just use one hair color all over and you get that very dull lifeless color. Well Tracey proves that to be a hair colorist is to be an artist. I had the luxury to get the scoop straight from Tracey Cunningham on how she she brought Kim back to brunette and gave Lily Aldridge her glossy locks.

How To Get Kim Kardashian's Hair Color

How To Get Kim Kardashian’s Hair Color | BEFORE

How To Get Kim Kardashian's Brown Hair

How To Get Kim Kardashian’s Brown Hair | AFTER


How To Get Kim Kardashian’s Hair Color

“Bringing Kim back to brunette was something I wanted to do little by little, so that we made sure to keep her dimension and not end up all over one color or inky. Also so that we could evaluate the color each time and make sure it never went too dark too fast. Another benefit to the step by step approach is that this way, the end result would last longer. So the first time she came in to go darker I low lighted her and did a darker root, from that point on we just glossed her with Redken EQ shades each visit with something slightly darker until we ended up with the desired shade. This gave us more control and was very gentle on her hair. In the end she was back to brunette but still has dimension in her color rather than looking too solid.”


“For Lily, I like to do fine highlights at the root then balayage bigger pieces on her ends. After that I do a darker gloss at the root and something warm all over. I want her to have swirls of lightness and warmth throughout but still look natural. The gloss at the root is essential to diffuse the look of a traditional highlight.”

How To Get Lily Aldridge's Hair Color

How To Get Lily Aldridge’s Hair Color

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