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HSN Faces Of Beautiful You Episode 6

Don’t miss HSN’s Faces Of Beautiful You episode 6: Movie Night Makeover. Scary movie night exposes Smith as a Fraidycat, a fact that delights mischievous Nicki. In between screams, Halie, Smith, and Nicki combat fear with facials, and Smith finds solace in reading the relaxing product descriptions.

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Talking Makeup got to try products used in Faces Of Beautiful You Episode 6, and here is what we think:

M. Asam Classic Peel Off Mask: Cleanse your complexion and indulge your senses with M. Asam’s Classic Peel Off Mask imported from Germany. Formulated with grape seed oil, this aromatic mask helps leave your skin feeling silky smooth and supple.

This peel off mask by M. Asam literally pulls off impurities from your skin, easy to apply, and actually fun to use!