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Meet Mo- Expert Makeup Artist from TV Show BLUSH

Meet Mo– expert makeup artist from TV show BLUSH¬†on My Lifetime. Maura, a.k.a “Mo,” is passionate and perky, and believes her outgoing personality is what sets her apart from other makeup artists. She attended two prestigious makeup schools and has worked on numerous celebrities, including Sarah Ferguson. Her ability to wear any look makes her stand out in a crowd.

Mo gives Talking Makeup the scoop on her top makeup tools no woman should be without.

Mo’s top makeup tools no woman should be without:

1. TWEEZERS: Leave the real grooming to the professionals, but you never know when or where a stray hair may pop up. Women should always have a small set of tweezers on them; especially since stray hairs are easier to see in the natural daylight.

2. SUNSCREEN: Sunscreen is your best anti-aging product. Sunscreens block out the sun’s damaging rays, and also blocks their aging effects. I recommend choosing a sunscreen with a SPF 15 or higher. The sun will break down its effectiveness over time; if you are going to be in direct sunlight for an extended period of time, reapply every hour or two.

3. CONCEALER BRUSH: You will be amazed when you switch from using your fingers for applying concealer, to using a concealer brush. The makeup will blend easier and it will not cake. If you wear liquid foundation, apply your concealer after the foundation to avoid blending the spots where you want more coverage.