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Who is N.V. Perricone MD?

N.V. Perricone MD LTD was founded by Nicholas V. Perricone MD a board certified clinical and research dermatologist.  According to Nicholas V. Perricone aging is a disease that we can all fight.  He completed his Dermatology Residency at Ford Medical Center where he was regarded as the Father of the Inflammation Theory of Aging.  Nicholas V. Perricone is the author of the three New York Times # 1 Best Sellers, The Perricone Promise (Warner Books 2004), The Perricone Prescription (HarperCollins 2002), and The Wrinkle Cure (Warner Books 1998), The Perricone Weight Loss Diet (Random House 2005). His most recent book, Dr. Perricone’s 7 Secrets to Beauty, Health and Longevity (Random House 2006) debuted in November 2006.  Buy N.V. Perricone Books Here!

Nicholas V. Perricone MD 

Check out N.V. Perricone MD Amine Complex Face Lift with Vitamin C Ester which is a Vitamin C joined with a fatty acid.  This removes the acidity normally associated Vitamin C to make it less irritating to the skin.  Vitamin C Ester is also is fat soluble, which means it can be easily absorbed into the skin. Better absorption generates better results.  Other ingredients include:  NTP Complex (containing DMAE) to increase firmness and tone while imparting a healthy radiant glow to tired or dull skin.  According to N.V. Perricone MD LTD clinical Results after 2 weeks of use:  74% of participants reported significant improvement in skin firmness, 66% of participants showed improvement in fine lines and wrinkles.  Cost:  $90 for 2 oz Pump Bottle.

N.V. Perricone MD Amine Complex Face Lift Vitamin C Ester